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Lauren Palmer

Lauren Palmer is an Indianapolis-based writer. She lives in Broad Ripple with her husband, Jeff, and daughters Lyra and Fiona. In addition to contributing to Indianapolis Moms, Lauren is a member of the Indianapolis chapter of Women Writing for a Change, a national organization aimed at nourishing and celebrating female voices. Vulnerability is Lauren's superpower, and she aims to write about the often unseen experiences of being a woman and mother.

Can Love Really Last Forever?

"Maybe nothing lasts forever, even when you stay together."  —Sheryl Crow, "My Favorite Mistake" Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are divorcing. I don't know them, of course; but, still, this news saddens me more than...

On Raising Kids in Broad Ripple

In recent years, I've often heard young couples who live in the Broad Ripple area make a similar statement: "We absolutely love living here, but once we have kids, we're moving to Fishers/Carmel/Noblesville/Avon/Greenwood." I can...

7 Ways My iPhone Helped Me Survive Early Motherhood

I've seen countless articles maligning parents' use of smartphones, blaming our beloved electronic rectangles for turning us into distracted, checked-out moms missing beautiful, priceless moments with our children. As the mother of a six-week old,...

Creating a Fun Gender-Neutral Nursery

When my husband and I decided to wait to find out the sex of our first child, one thing I was excited about was the challenge of creating a cute gender-neutral nursery. I envisioned...

My Natural Birth Plan: How It All Went Down (Birth Story Series)

I'm currently 11 days postpartum after giving birth to my amazing and adorable daughter, Lyra. It's unimaginable that I did not know this tiny, beautiful person just twelve days ago, and yet the experience...
natural birth plan

Beyond “Healthy Baby, Healthy Mom”: Defending My Natural Birth Plan

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child last July, we faced many of the same questions as other first-time parents: Can this amazing news be real? Is everything...
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