Your 2024 Guide to Indiana Fever Game Day

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The fever is rising in Indianapolis! In just five games, the Indiana Fever surpassed the total attendance of the entire 2023 season. It’s so much fun to be a fan of women’s basketball right now. There’s still time to hop on the bandwagon. 

But, all this excitement has brought some changes to the game day experience. Here’s what you need to know to make your game plan. 


So the good news is Gainbridge is full — and loud. The atmosphere is electric. The bad news is that you can no longer get dirt-cheap seats near the court. But most tickets are still cheaper than Pacers games, and with the capacity crowds, the games are fun no matter where you sit. 

200-level seats are listed for as little as $5, and you can snag some 100-level seats for a reasonable price, depending on the game. If you can wait until the day of to buy, you might be able to score a deal on closer seats. 

The ticket office said they will have some family night promotions this year, but the dates have not been announced. Keep an eye out for that! A seat, a hotdog, chips, a drink, and a hat. You can’t beat it. 


  • Virginia Avenue Garage

Last year, you could drive up and park in the Virginia Avenue Garage that connects to Gainbridge. Don’t count on that this year. The garage is first come, first served. We tried parking 20 minutes before game time, and only pass holders were being allowed in. So get there early if you want to park there. The price is $20 this year (last year it was $10). Season ticket holders occasionally sell their garage passes on Ticketmaster if you’re like me and need a guaranteed spot. 

  • Maryland Street Lot and Fieldhouse VIP Lot

These are the lots underneath the Virginia Avenue Garage. We parked in the VIP lot on opening night; let me tell you, it was choice. It’s so close, and you don’t have to wait for garage traffic. The big con — it’s $40+. 

  • Alabama St. Lot and City Way Garage

These options are very close to the fieldhouse. The lot is $20 and still had spaces available 20 minutes before tipoff. Be aware — it took forever to get out. (I feel like it took longer than the garage, but maybe that’s because it was 9:30, and there was a tired, sugar-hyped 5-year-old in the backseat.) The City Way Garage is listed online for $30.

  • Other options

You can see many available parking locations and book in advance on ParkWhiz.

There are garages a bit further away and not listed on ParkWhiz that tend to be cheaper. My personal favorite is the Express Park Garage next to the Winner’s Circle. 

You can find bike racks under the Virginia Avenue Garage on the corner near Maryland Street. You can bring your helmet into the arena.

Family events

Alas, the behind-the-basket Family Fun Zone has been replaced by seats. Yay for basketball. Boo for parents who picked their seats specifically to sit close to the fun zone (it’s me).

This year, they have pregame activities on the Bicentennial Plaza, including some of the inflatable experiences that used to be inside. However, the outdoor event is weather-dependent and subject to change. 

You can also find some family activities around the concourse, including photo ops, face painting, sketch drawings, and spirit samples (for the grownups). 


All concessions are open this year! Last year, only a select few were available. But now you can hit up:

  • Chick-fil-A (Section 11)
  • The Shake Bar (Section 11)
  • Orange Leaf (Section 7)
  • Cookie Dough-ver-load (safe raw cookie dough at Section 9)
  • Three Point Taquiera (Section 6)

The arena has all the classics (hot dogs, chicken tenders) and many beer, wine, and liquor options. 

Hot tip: There is a Chick-fil-A cart on the 200 level, along with BBQ, Orange Leaf, and Ben’s Pretzels, so you don’t have to go downstairs to find something other than hot dogs and chicken tenders. 

Be sure to check out Crossroads Eats Operated by Mambos (Section 13). They serve cheesesteaks, burgers and loaded fries. Their parrillada is literally my favorite sandwich ever, though it may be too adventurous for most kids. 

For parents of littles

Kids under two do not require a ticket. Parents with young children are permitted to bring diaper bags, plastic bottles, and formula into the building. You can store your collapsible strollers beneath your seat. 

Mothers Rooms are located on the Main Concourse at Section 2 and at Section 119 on the Krieg DeVault level by the Guest Services desk. Changing tables are in the handicap-accessible stalls of both women’s and men’s restrooms (yay equality) on all levels. Gender-neutral restrooms are available on all levels of the building.

The arena offers a free service called Boomers Buddies. Grownups can write their information on a bracelet to put on their child in case they get separated. To register, visit Guest Services on any level of Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Know before you go

The arena is cashless. 

Only small purses—think fanny pack size—are allowed. Clear bags are not. The arena is very strict about this policy. The only exception is diaper bags. 

Gates open 60 minutes before game time. To get into Gainbridge, you must pass a metal detector. It’s usually quick and painless, although your smartwatch will set it off 50% of the time. 

The WNBA is taking a month-long break for the Olympics. There will be no games between July 18 and Aug. 14. 

We are now calling the NBA the MenBA. (It’s not ubiquitous yet, but we can be the change we want to see.)

Fever rising

The season has started a little rough, but the team is very young and had a very tough early schedule. There’s no reason to panic. The Las Vegas Aces had three consecutive #1 picks, and it took them three years after that third pick to win a championship. Now they are back-to-back champs and a super team. We’ve got a lot to look forward to!

Hop on the bandwagon! We are happy to have you. I hope to see you at a game soon.

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