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Ashley Grounds

Ashley is a stay-at-home mom to a precious baby boy and one very ornery Goldendoodle. She recently moved back to her hometown and is busy remembering all the ins and outs of small-town life while seriously missing the convenience of downtown living. She loves writing, yoga, and long walks with her Dude (the Goldendoodle).

Can We Stop Scaring Pregnant Women Yet?

Sushi. Wine. Kitty Litter. Lunch meat. Runny eggs. Rare steak. Know this list? If you’ve been pregnant, you probably do. It’s just a few of the things pregnant women are advised against. While I’m...

10 Tips for Surviving Winter with an Infant

My son was born last January. If you can remember (#mombrain), it was cold. Like -12 degrees the day he was born kinda cold. That means I am well versed in the art of...

How a 30 Day Shopping Fast Led Me to My Real Passions

Capsule wardrobe. Minimalism. Curated home. These aren’t “new” concepts, but thanks to Instagram and fashion bloggers they are currently trending. After the birth of my son, I knew I needed to downsize my closet...
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