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Ashley Grounds

Ashley is a stay-at-home mom to a precious baby boy and one very ornery Goldendoodle. She recently moved back to her hometown and is busy remembering all the ins and outs of small-town life while seriously missing the convenience of downtown living. She loves writing, yoga, and long walks with her Dude (the Goldendoodle).

Mental Health Matters

Mental health is so important. Full Stop. Actually, let me say it again for the people in the back. Mental health is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your overall well-being. Why? Because you can...

Why I Quit Social Media…Forever

If you have any social media account (hello, Instagram, TikTok, or even the OG, Facebook), you’ve probably wondered if you’ve spent too much time pouring over your timelines. Maybe you’ve considered getting rid of...

A House Divided – Red Vs. Blue

2020. Man, what a year, amirite? So many issues that we’ve been covering here at Indy Moms that are so important have happened this year. It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least. But,...

5 Books to Read on This Summer—Even If You Aren’t Going Anywhere!

Reading a book while on a beach may feel like a distant memory right now - one where you might have casually had a beer and could close your eyes without fear of losing...

Unpopular Opinion: Quarantine Hasn’t Been That Hard on Me

Unpopular opinion: Quarantine hasn't been that hard on me. Please don't think I'm making light of Covid-19. I'm not. I am devastated by the loss of life and the loss of livelihood in our communities....

June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

I wake up nauseous and disoriented. Immediately, I think, “oh no, do I have the stomach flu again?” (we recently had it and the fear of getting it again…ugh) But, no. I quickly feel...

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Ashley Grounds

Mom. Mommy. MOM. Mama. MOMMMMMYYYYY. Did I get your attention? Hi, I’m Ashley. Mama to two adorable little boys, Boone and Beau. As a two under two mom, my attention span and fuse are...

Dry January: A Recap

  For the first time since turning 21 (aside from pregnancy), I went 25 days without drinking alcohol. Does that sound shocking to you? Or, does it feel pretty normal? The CDC says that women should...

What’s Poppin’? It’s National Popcorn Day on January 19th!

Popcorn. It seems people either love it or hate it, but it is one of the most popular snacks around. You might associate it with dark theaters, sporting events, and county fairs, but I’m...

National Family Literacy Month

Many moons ago, before I became the wiper of snotty noses and stinky butts, I was a wide-eyed college student majoring in English Literature. I truly believed that a liberal arts degree would make...

Two under Two—My Thoughts Two Months In

I have been thinking about writing this post since before our second son was even born. I just had so many emotions swirling in my brain that I knew I’d just have so much...

What “Self-Care” Means to Me as a Mom

Self-care. Something of a buzzword right now, huh? As someone who once worked in marketing, I both love and hate buzzwords. However, self-care, in itself is a great idea. It is a wonderful thing...

Being Fulfilled. What If Being a SAHM Is All I’m Supposed to Do?

  I have always been a dreamer. I love a good goal setting session, a vision board, or just a few hours alone with my thoughts to spin myself an entirely new or improved life....

Cinco de Mayo—What It Is(And Isn’t) and Where to Celebrate!

You’ve probably been celebrating Cinco de Mayo for years. Be honest—everyone loves a good excuse to down a few margaritas and that creamy queso dip! But, are you doing it correctly? And, do you...
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