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Celeste is a mother, wife, and photographer who describes herself a student of life. She has a deep love for world travel, books, and photos. Being an avid reader led her to the more tedious outlet of writing, especially after the life change of becoming a mom. Celeste studied Holisitic Nutrition and Psychology at Indiana University. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle and takes a holistic approach to raising her 4-year-old son, Memphis. After living in both London and Austin, she moved back home to Indiana to raise her son near his tribe and Midwestern values. She now works as a photographer here, capturing natural light lifestyle photos with an emphasis on children and the magic of being little.

Can We Please Stop Sick-Shaming Parents?

I'm sitting here trying to write this between hacking cough sessions and trips to check on my son and husband. You guessed it, we have a young child in the house and we are...

A Mom’s Guide to Surviving Childhood Surgery

I am no doctor. But I am a mama and I have experienced childhood surgery first hand. I can't tell you how to parent, and I won't give you medical advice, but I will tell...

In Defense of #boymom

I want to begin by saying that I believe in my heart of all hearts that a strive for gender equality must be a focus in parenting our children's generation. We must teach our...

Patience: The Double Standard of Parenting

Several times a day I want to scream at the very top of my lungs for my son to please just BE PATIENT. At Target, at lunch, in the morning when I haven't had...

One Foot in the Ether: My Toddler’s Journey to Faith

My husband and I aren't particularly religious. We don't go to church and we rarely refer to God in our home. If anything, we practice and teach kindness and acceptance, maybe on the heels...

Santa Stays: Why We’re Sticking With Santa Until Santa Doesn’t Stick

I've read at least three blogs today about telling kids the truth about Santa. Apparently one of the latest parenting trends is to boycott Santa and his elves in favor of a dose of...

Estranged From My Mother: The Ultimate Catch 22

When I showed my four year old this photo of me and my mom, I asked him who the baby was. His response, albeit cute, sent shockwaves up my spine. He thought the baby...

To The ER Surgeon That Saved My Son’s Life

Thank you for already knowing that we followed our son's original surgeons post-op orders to a tee, and then some. Thank you for knowing that his little blood covered body came from nowhere other...

My Son’s Experience With a Mom Bully a.k.a. “Mully”

I need to begin by saying no, I don't think my child is perfect. He's four years old and he has good days and bad days and even awful days. This post isn't about...

Good Husbands: Just Luck of the Draw?

Unlike our children, whose spirits and personalities are gifted to us via very little say of our own, we have a great deal of control over who we choose as our spouse. Free will brings couples...

Childhood Unsupervised: A Thing of The Past?

Motherhood used to involve currently-ludicrous concepts like letting your children play outside unsupervised or walk to school alone. This gave mom and kids a chance to live a few moments of life without each...

“What Have I Done?” :: The Trials of Early Motherhood

"What have I done?" It's been a really long time since I've heard or thought those words. When the neighbor lady said them, it flooded me with fear and relief all at once. She...

Spouse vs. Children: Who Comes First?

A Person's a Person, No Matter How Small ~Dr. Seuss I read yet another parenting article today focused on the importance of love for one's spouse. I think it need not be stated that loving...

Hands On or Hands Free Parenting: Your Choice

Good parents show up for their children on a daily basis. They meet and exceed their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and offer unconditional love. Jumping into a ball pit with them not required,...
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