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Mind the Gap: The Reality of a Ten-Year Age Difference Between Spouses

My husband and I have a ten year age gap. When I was just a newborn ball of goo, he was a full-fledged boy of the '80s, riding his bike around his suburban neighborhood...

True North: An Ode to My Grandma

My grandma was the love of my life. She taught me to laugh, to be strong, to survive. The day that she would inevitably die seemed like an impossibility to me. The world (to...
fireplace safety

Fireplace Safety with Kids: Our Story

Finally, we are entering a cooler season in Indiana, complete with pumpkin spice everything, boots with leggings (what I refer to as amateur equestrian garb), and ridiculous chunky scarves that look like a furry,...

Sleepover Commandments for My Children: Rules to Avoid Being “That Kid.”

My oldest turned 10 years old this week and so, the inevitable happened. That milestone that I had been delaying for a decade: a slumber party at our house. My daughter has been to...

Today Was My Due Date: Coming To Terms with Stillborn Loss

Today I was supposed to have a baby. I’m supposed to be 40 weeks pregnant—uncomfortable, nervous, excited. I’m supposed to be preparing my home and my family for a new, unique little baby. But...

Living on the Corner: Between a Rock and a Gentrified Place

Life on the corner is super-weird, people. I’m not talking about working the corner—although I’m sure that’s weird too, in different ways. I’m referring to living on a corner. Corners are very exposed and become involuntary...

The Perils of Parenting a Perfectionist

My oldest daughter is a perfectionist. I am not. And so the battle rages. She makes lists. Morning to-do lists. Weekend to-do lists. She has a very clear and specific idea of how each day should proceed—all...
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