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Angela McKeever

I’m a mom of a 28 y.o. daughter and a 13 y.o. son. I was born and raised 2 houses from the beach in Miller (Gary), Indiana but have been living in Indianapolis for over 30 years now. I worked for my family’s printing business through high school which allowed me to obtain a job at Kinkos for 6 years after working a few odd jobs after arriving in Indy. Then after working for a temp agency for the State of Indiana for a year in 2003, I was hired on full time in 2004 and have worked my way up the ranks to Deputy Director of Administrative Services for the Family & Social Services Administration which is just a fancy way of saying that I’m the Payroll & Travel Director for roughly 4000 FSSA employees. I love math, technology, forensics, motorcycles, writing poetry, watching my son play baseball, and helping those in need. My children and my 2 grandbabies are my world and I’m happy….when they’re happy.

Keep Your Cyber Eyes Open

  Jake, a curious teen happens upon a perfectly intact jump drive (a small thumb-sized data storage device, thus they are also sometimes called thumb drives) on the ground in front of his house after...

Teenage Trials and Tribulations; Weathering the Storm

The 21st-century teenager is such a complicated organism. They go through many trials and tribulations and weather many storms before reaching adulthood. They can be sweet when they want something, and then they can...

My Gaming Console Has Been Hacked!

My 12-year-old son is a serious video gamer. He’s been playing seriously for a couple of years now and with predators and hacking being so prevalent these days, I do my best to monitor...
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