Bailey Streicher

A self-proclaimed "Hot Mess Mom", Bailey is enjoying her whirlwind life in Brownsburg with her husband, two toddlers, and golden doodle. She's a proud IU graduate, former Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader, and now taking on her greatest adventure of all, motherhood. When she's not chasing her kids, she has a passion for dance, yoga, and Netflix. Bailey enjoys writing about real life as a mom: the good, the bad, and the sticky.

5 Ways To Kick The Stress This School Year

We all know the feeling. You're minding your sweet, summer-lovin' business, cruising through Target to refill on sunscreen and popsicles. When suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see it. Your heart...

Minimal-ish Motherhood

I first felt the impact of minimalism at 30 years old. I was working full-time as a teacher, raising a one-year-old (with another on the way), and preparing to sell the home we were...

::Heart of IM – Non-Profit Spotlight:: Seeds of Caring

We all want to raise our kids to be kind. We yearn to see them show compassion, lend a helping hand, and grow up to be upstanding members of their community. With that said,...

See Circle City: Indianapolis Parks and Playgrounds

Beautiful weather is finally back in Indianapolis! Now is the time to pack up the kids and soak up that sunshine. Indianapolis Moms has rounded up our favorite Indianapolis parks and playgrounds in and...

Bye-bye, Binky: The End Of An Era

Bye-bye, Binky. It feels like just yesterday I was perusing the aisles of Target, that first baby bump in full bloom. I held each and every brand in my hands, wondering which my little boy...

January Me

It happens every year. The first of November rolls around, and my social feeds, calendar, and brain are flooded with all things holiday. I welcome the return of Christmas movies, cute school performances, traditions,...

The Middle Of The Staircase

Walk through any family's front door, and you're going to find a cast of characters. Dynamic, ever-evolving, and marvelously unique people making their way through this busy life. With three kids running around our...

Why Mommy’s Back Hurts

7:01AM- I hear you before I see you. Tiny hands reaching for mine. The early morning whispers. "It's time, Mommy. It's 7:01. Let's go!" I sit up and stretch, wondering how I can sleep...

I Used Wordle As A Parenting Tool

Your coworkers are chatting about it. Your mom's texting you her daily score. You can't open social media without seeing it. Wordle is everywhere. I first tried it after a colleague shared her score...

Us vs. Midwest Winter

4:45 pm As I start to finish up work tasks for the day, I look beyond my laptop and out my home office window. That familiar gray blanket sky looks right back at me. I...

My House Will Never Be Clean and Here’s Why

Five short years ago, we built this house. I'll never forget selecting each and every item. The new home smell that would greet you at the door for months. The fresh start. Everything. Was....

Ode to the Messy Bedroom

I walk past her bedroom, laundry basket in hand. Dozens, no, hundreds, of tiny items cascade across every square inch of the space. I sigh. We just cleaned this yesterday. How does this happen so...

Thank You, Firstborn

Dear Firstborn, The minute I saw those two pink lines, you handed me my first of many firsts. Every step of pregnancy with you was brand new. You and I together, drawing back the curtains...

The Art of Single-Tasking

Mothers. The ultimate multitaskers. We walk around each day carrying the mental load of motherhood... and with a load of laundry in our tired arms. Ask any mother, and she can provide you with a...
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