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Gráinne McConnell


Starting A New Year Without My Mother

I love the New Year. The chance to reinvent yourself, to set new goals, and the motivation that comes with that, has always been so appealing to me. I’m the person running the 5K...

Living With Chronic Illness As A Mom

I lie in a dark room, pain throbbing from the front of my eye to the back of my head, feeling like my eye is straining in its socket and praying to be released....

I’m Stealing Thanksgiving

The first time I celebrated American Thanksgiving was in November 2019. I had been living in Indiana for less than six months, and the entire holiday captivated all of my senses. I decided there...

The Importance of Hobbies

As parents, we ensure our children have a variety of hobbies, not only for entertainment and socializing but also to increase their confidence and allow them to try different activities. As parents, we understand...

End of Summer Traditions

The transition from the long, lazy, and unscheduled summer days into the more disciplined, crispier school mornings can be difficult. Starting end-of-summer traditions is a great way to make this transition smoother, exciting, and...

Tips for Air Travel in Summer 2022

We have all seen the news reports about post-covid air travel, the photos of hundreds of missing bags in airports, and heard the nightmare stories of traveling on airlines, but how bad is it,...

The Stay-at-Home-Mom Career Skills Gap

Before becoming a mom, I worked in the marketing department of one of the world’s largest medical companies. Life was fast-moving, free and exciting! My life revolved around my career and I loved going...
Irish Heritage in Indiana

Irish Heritage in Indiana

As an Irish immigrant, I am aware of the many Irish people who immigrated before me and how their struggles and challenges were extensively different to mine. In an age where air travel is...
Irish Potato Bread

Traditional Irish Potato Bread

St. Patrick’s Day is here and being from Ireland, I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes, Irish Potato Bread, which also happens to be super kid-friendly and perfect for the Indianapolis...

A Foreigners Guide to Speaking Hoosier

As someone who grew up in Northern Ireland and traveled from a young age, I have always been fascinated by local dialects' accents, nuances, phrases, and words. Traveling to Australia in the mid-'90s, I...

Parenting Advice: An Open Letter to My Goddaughter

This is an open letter to my goddaughter as she prepares for the birth of her first child. Dear Beautiful Goddaughter, I was a young Auntie at 17 and the most honored and appreciative aunt, especially...

Why Choose Indiana? A Story of Relocating Internationally

Just a little under three years ago, sitting in my elegant townhouse in Heidelberg, Germany, my husband and I discussed places we would like to relocate to. I’m not sure how we would describe...
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