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Kimberly Riley

Kimberly is a 38 yr old working mom of a 13 year old girl and a new baby boy. She keeps busy designing and renovating unique homes with her realtor husband. Kim loves to travel, cook and entertain family and friends. “The opposite of a Helicopter Mom,” she isn’t one bit ashamed that she’s never been to one of her daughter’s class parties. This new adventure of raising both a teenager and a baby will certainly make for some interesting blog posts and exciting life lessons!

I Never Thought I Needed Neighbors

I never thought I needed neighbors. I thought the idea of neighbors in the traditional sense, you know, the Mr. Rogers kind, was a relic from another age. Back when people baked their own...

Did You Know Your Love Language Can Change?

  Did you know that your love language can CHANGE due to time, personal growth, and circumstance?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣I first took the Love Language test early in my twenties. Recently married, my husband and I took a...

When Your Heart Needs Time to Catch Up

Did you know you can get pregnant like 2.3 seconds after a miscarriage while you’re still sad and overwhelmed and grieving? Yeah.... well, apparently you can. And when that happens, you may have feelings...

After Survival Mode, Get in Dreamer Mode

There was a time in my life, as a newly single mom, that my only goal in life was to be happy and have a happy little girl. To survive and keep my head...

Check on Your Friends Who Have Teenagers. We Are Not Ok.

I’m at the point in my mothering career where I wonder if I did a single thing right. At 14, my once delightful and precocious daughter now hovers more near the adjectives of shockingly...

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an RV Family?

RV families are a special breed. I would know. I am writing this from the kitchen table/fold out bed of our family RV as we bounce and rumble our way across never-ending, God-forsaken Kansas....

When Mama is on Match: Dating as a Single Parent

Dating as a single parent is never anyone’s plan A. My teenage daydreams about my wildly romantic adult dating life did not include diapers in my evening bag or rushing home to a babysitter....

An Emergency C-Section Was My Greatest Fear.

People say that no two births are the same. And in my case, it's been very true. Thirteen years ago, my first baby was monitored throughout pregnancy for measuring small. At 37 weeks, after 28...

He Sings like a Soldier: A Tribute to my Grandfather

When I think of my Grandpa, I think of his hands first. It's the first thing I remember, my earliest childhood memory of him. There are so many after that... As a little girl, I...

Helping Our Children Learn to Build Healthy Relationships.

Relationships are the most fulfilling and essential part of a happy life. Yet, building healthy relationships with family, friends and romantic partners is not easy. After 38 years of trial and error, many kissed...

If Breastfeeding Is So Natural, Why Doesn’t It Come Naturally?

If breastfeeding is so natural, why doesn’t it come naturally? I think about this question daily. I am 5 weeks into breastfeeding my newborn son and most of my time is spent topless with...

Raising Body Confident Kids (even if you are still working on it yourself!)

Body Positivity. Body Confidence. Body Acceptance. Self-Love. Self-Care. Our conversations and our feeds are inundated daily with buzzwords and catch-phrases like these. Each one serves up a message of lofty inspiration to today’s woman. However,  if you are anything like...

Teens and Technology: Setting Healthy Smartphone and Social Media Boundaries

Today’s parents of teenagers are faced with a challenge unique to our generation. We didn’t grow up with smartphones or tablets, and social media is not even two decades old. We are only now...

There are some things that should never be said to a pregnant woman.

A strange social phenomenon happens when a woman becomes pregnant. It may start when she announces her pregnancy, but it becomes ever more prevalent as the baby (and thus, the mama) grows. Suddenly, all...
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