After Survival Mode, Get in Dreamer Mode


No Stopping Anytime sign

There was a time in my life, as a newly single mom, that my only goal in life was to be happy and have a happy little girl. To survive and keep my head above water and not mess it up too bad. To make sure she had a stable home and groceries in the fridge.

I didn’t care about decorating or fashion or what kind of car I drove. I didn’t have the energy for that. I only cared that we were safe and loved.

That time was hard and longer than I ever thought it would be. But we made it through, and today, I am grateful that I no longer have to worry about being safe and loved. I am. We are.

Today… I get to dream, not just survive.

And I will never take that for granted. Some of you have been there…dark months or years that seem to have no end in sight. Depression. Financial need. Loneliness. Abuse. Addiction. Anxiety. Hopelessness.

Keep going, friend. Sometimes all you can do is put your head down and keep going. Keep moving. Keep surviving.

There is a brighter time ahead. An easier time.

When you get there, promise me that you will start dreaming. That you’ll lift up your head and imagine how you want your life to be. And then talk about it. Think it through. Write it out. Save it and put it somewhere you can see it. Design your dream life down to the details. Every little desire that once seemed so frivolous is worthy of claiming.

Where do you want to live? Where do you want to vacation? What kind of home do you imagine? What kind of relationships do you want to be in? Where do you want to spend time with your friends? Do you imagine eating dinner outside on your patio with sparkly lights strung overhead? Do you imagine a dedicated playroom? Do you want to home school your kids? Do you want a big dog? A creek in your backyard? Neighbors you can count on as friends?

If you don’t know your dream, you can’t claim it. But once you see the picture of the life you want, you can make a plan to get there. It won’t happen all at once, and it will probably change over time. But you can start with tiny steps to get you closer to your dream life now.

If you dream of a vibrant and colorful dedicated playroom for your children, find a space in your current home that you can modify, even just a little. Put up a colorful piece of art and a drawing table in a corner and call it theirs. Voila. You are taking action to love your life now!

It might take a while for all the pieces to come together. But you DO have the ability to choose the life you live. To choose a life that you love.

When you finally get to the point where you realize you are not in survival mode anymore. Get in dreamer mode. And then make the choice to keep climbing your mountains just like you chose to keep trudging in the valley.

No stopping ‘til you get there.