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Kim Howard

Kim Howard is a mom to three kids. She is children's book author, a former teacher, and has her Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies. To find out more about her and her latest picture book GRACE AND BOX, visit www.kimhowardbooks.com or www.facebook.com/kimhowardbooks.

Creating a Sensory Garden with Your Kids

We have a pretty sad little vegetable garden in our backyard. My kids couldn’t love it more. They check the progress of the plants daily. They want to water it. When the veggies are...

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 2nd and Teacher Appreciation Week starts on May 8th. Show the teachers in your life some love with these gift ideas. This list includes local and DIY options. Magnets Get your...

The Stages of Taking a Road Trip with Kids

If you’re taking a road trip with kids this spring or summer, buckle up for the inevitable stages you’re about to face: The Squeeze into the Jam-Packed Car You will pack the car to the brim...

Show Up for Your People

  This past Christmas, I made some friends a “make your own pizza” kit, complete with a lump of pizza dough, a pack of shredded cheese, a portion of sauce, and some pepperoni. I packaged...

Long Live the Handmade Valentine Card

  My seven-year-old daughter sat on the shaggy rug in her room, marker in hand, considering carefully which of her store-bought princess valentine cards each of her classmates might like best. She carefully addressed the...

This Year, I’m Going To Be Thankful For The Chaos

This year, I'm going to be thankful for the chaos. And this year, I will be thankful in the midst of the chaos. I will be thankful for a too-warm house packed with people. I...

Five Tips for Budget-Friendly Kid’s Birthday Parties

I love to plan my kids’ birthday parties. I love writing pun-filled invitations, picking out themed menu items, and coming up with cute decorations. While I want the parties to be special and very...

Creating Fall Traditions As A Family

  I love the idea of creating special traditions as a family. Creating traditions brings a rhythm to our lives. Traditions anchor our kids’ childhoods in memories and activities and togetherness. Sometimes, traditions come naturally,...

Let’s Offer a Balanced Perspective for Parents-to-be

If you have ever been pregnant, chances are you've received some overly zealous warning about parenting ("Just you wait!") or some "jokey" advice about the impending end of your life ("You'll never sleep again!")....

Six Fun and Kid-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

From easy crafts and recipes to some fun outside, make Earth Day extra special! Here are six kid-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day this year. Fruit and Vegetable Art Use cut-up pieces of different fruits...

Empowering My Kids to Solve Playtime Issues Themselves

We’ve all been there. You’re listening to your kids play, and you can just feel it coming. It starts off as a whine or a frustrated response. They grump and poke at each other a...

Nine Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids From Going Stir-Crazy This Winter

Keep your kids (and you!) from going stir-crazy with these nine winter-themed indoor activities. These activities are not only fun and easy, but they also use minimal to no extra supplies! I don’t know about...

Eight Picture Books from Indiana Authors to Check Out This Month

There are so many benefits of reading with your children. It can spark their imagination, expand their world, and so much more. If you're not sure where to start here are some outstanding picture books...

Five Things Your Kid’s Teacher Wants You to Know

If someone didn’t already know, e-learning during the pandemic taught everyone how absolutely valuable teachers are—and just how hard their jobs are. Here are five other things teachers want you to know to help...
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