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Lindsey Cornett

Lindsey Cornett is a loud talker, iced coffee drinker, and lover of the written word who lives in downtown Indianapolis with her scientist husband and three young kids (Ian, Leo, and Ruthie). In both writing and life, she explores the intersections of faith, family, creativity, and freedom from perfectionism. She’s out there providing hope and solidarity to any other women who find themselves afraid to make a mistake. You can find her on Instagram @lindseycornett.

A Letter to the Moms of Uvalde

Dear Moms of Uvalde, Our hearts are breaking for you. We are so, so sorry. I’ve been trying to teach my children what it means to offer a heartfelt apology. I tell them it’s not enough to...

Tips and Tricks for a Road Trip with Little Ones

The first time our family of five attempted a road trip, things did not go according to plan. Things began to fall off the rails when we realized, 30 minutes from home, we had...

Simple Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

This time of year, I wake up in darkness. I walk outside to pick up the kids from school in the afternoon, hoping for some sunshine, but find only gray skies. By the time...

5 Picture Books to Inspire Gratitude

“Just be grateful for what you have.” I’ve said that sentence to my kids more times than I can count. Gratitude is one of the character traits I’d most like to instill in them,...

Slow Cooker Meals to Save Your Weeknights

Picture this: 5 p.m. Kids whining. Flying solo. Tummies grumbling. The sink is full of dishes from breakfast, lunch, and snacks because you never got around to emptying the dishwasher this morning. It doesn’t...

How I Feed My Picky Eater Without Losing My Mind

From the day we began introducing solid foods, my oldest has been an incredibly picky eater. (Now that I think about it, maybe it started even earlier when he had trouble latching. Does that...

All My Kids Will Be in School Full-Time. Now What?

For the first time, I will have three kids in school full-time. After almost eight years of being a stay-at-home mom, I find myself asking: What now?  Things didn’t go according to my carefully thought-out...

Three Questions to Ask When Choosing a School

When we learned my husband’s job would bring our family of five to Indianapolis, one of the first questions to run through my mind was, "Where will we send the kids to school?" This...

10 Books to Give as Gifts This Mother’s Day

My favorite gift (for any holiday) is a good book, and Mother’s Day is no exception. But when I was pregnant with my first, I remember being a little disappointed with the limited motherhood...

Spring Teaches Me So Much About Motherhood

I’m standing in my living room, soaking up the sunshine streaming through the window. My toes are cold, but at least I’m getting some Vitamin D. I’m watching the kids play in the yard...

At-Home Valentine’s Date Ideas to Support Local

This year, we’ll be staying home for Valentine’s Day. It is not my favorite holiday anyway, but I still want it to be a fun day. My Valentine's Day goals are simple: Break up...

The Surprising Gift of Contentment

All along, 2020 was full of surprises. I don't need to tell you how terrible most of them were. But 2020 did give me one very surprising gift: contentment. It’s something I’ve been searching for...

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Lindsey Cornett

Hi, friends! I'm Lindsey--writer, reader, and mom of three! I'm so happy to be a part of the Indianapolis Moms team. My family moved to Indianapolis just over one year ago, and I very...

A Happy, COVID-Safe Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and this year we are all trying to figure out how to have a happy, COVID-safe Halloween. Earlier this week, my 7-year-old said, “You know, you could just buy...
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