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Samantha Powers


Stroller Running Like a Mother

I’m not proud of the texts I sent the first few times I ran with my daughter in a stroller.  It was hot. It was hard. I was frustrated, which is extra frustrating when you’re...

The Evolution of (Step)Mom: National Step Family Day

"I am woman. Hear me roar!" I looked up to see my soon-to-be stepmom confidently claim those words as we concluded setting up the fresh Christmas tree. I recall my young self being in awe...

To My Best Friend Who Doesn’t Want Kids

I remember when you first told me you didn’t want children. I selfishly panicked because I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom, but I have always loved being your best friend. Time...

Being a Motherless Mother: Loss of a Loved One as a Child

*I am not a grief counselor; this post is solely based on my personal experience.* I may not be able to tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday – or even this morning, for...

An Ode to the Monon Trail

Every now and again, someone will ask me, “What’s your favorite place?” Throughout the course of my life, the answers have varied – anywhere from the sticky basement floor of my now husband’s college...

How I Became a Movie Plot: Going Back to School as a Real Adult

Throughout the entire 2000s, my dad purchased two DVDs — Old School and, well, I cannot even remember the other one because it is insignificant in this anecdote. If you were ever to meet...

My Dairy-Free Journey: A Year in Review

A couple of years ago, I worked at an ice cream shop. I absolutely loved it. How could I not? The Monon, the summer weather, slinging the scoop, creating craveable concoction. Ahh… Not to...

Organization from a Creative Mind: Celebrating Get Organized Month

Cleaning and organization have never been my strengths. I have always prided myself on being “creative.” Every school assignment, ice-breaker, and the like, I never failed to use “creative” to describe myself. You know...

Making Room for “Mother” on My Identity Resume

Weeks before I gave birth to my daughter, I found myself contemplating my upcoming role as a new mother. Before my pregnancy, I felt a strong connection to the aspects that had comfortably made...
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