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Samantha Powers


An Ode to the Monon Trail

Every now and again, someone will ask me, “What’s your favorite place?” Throughout the course of my life, the answers have varied – anywhere from the sticky basement floor of my now husband’s college...

How I Became a Movie Plot: Going Back to School as a Real Adult

Throughout the entire 2000s, my dad purchased two DVDs — Old School and, well, I cannot even remember the other one because it is insignificant in this anecdote. If you were ever to meet...

My Dairy-Free Journey: A Year in Review

A couple of years ago, I worked at an ice cream shop. I absolutely loved it. How could I not? The Monon, the summer weather, slinging the scoop, creating craveable concoction. Ahh… Not to...

Organization from a Creative Mind: Celebrating Get Organized Month

Cleaning and organization have never been my strengths. I have always prided myself on being “creative.” Every school assignment, ice-breaker, and the like, I never failed to use “creative” to describe myself. You know...

Making Room for “Mother” on My Identity Resume

Weeks before I gave birth to my daughter, I found myself contemplating my upcoming role as a new mother. Before my pregnancy, I felt a strong connection to the aspects that had comfortably made...
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