Sarah is the wife of an entrepreneur, mother of one precocious five-year-old, and step-mom to two amazing middle schoolers. She loves her beautifully complex, blended family, which provide for a lot of blog content. Sarah is also the founder and Executive Director of Kristy's House, a nonprofit ministry whose mission is to equip and empower sexually exploited women through the relational love of Christ. Sarah enjoys reading, writing, coffee, wine, and meaningful conversations with good friends.

9 Practical Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Did you know that the average age of exposure to online porn is 8 years old? Or that kids are being lured into sex trafficking and interactions with pedophiles (including in Central Indiana) through...

Parenting :: We All Fail Sometimes

I have a critical nature—both of myself and others. I hate it, but it's true. It's one of those things God may be working out in me over the course of a lifetime. I've...

Let My Child Fail: Why Natural Consequences Are Good for Kids

It amazes me how two kids from the same gene pool can be so completely different from one another in almost every way. For instance, my stepdaughter is organized, studious, inquisitive, and works well independently....

She Said, “Vagina”! 7 Reasons You Should Call Your Kids’ Private Parts By...

Several years ago, my now five-year-old (she was two or three at the time) wandered into the bathroom as I was putting on make-up and my husband was getting out of the shower. Upon...
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