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Sierra Sullivan


Thank You for This Summer

Dear Sierra, Thank you for this summer. You didn’t realize how much you needed it until you were knee-deep in. By the end of spring, stress and anxiety were mounting. You were on the cusp...

Lessons Learned From the Fathers in My Life

This month we celebrate Father’s Day. A day set aside to honor the men that make a difference in our lives through their presence and actions. Oftentimes, the influence of fathers can be overshadowed...

Fishers Summer Bucket List

Summer is just around the corner! Have you created your summer bucket list yet? This year summer will be the start of a new journey for me and my family. I recently decided to...

Breaking Up With My Phone: Making Small Changes to Manage Screen Time

I’m breaking up with my phone.  During the month of January, our pastor led our church through a series called Atomic Habits, based on the book of the same name by James Clear. In the...

Family Quiet Time: A Practical Solution for a Tired Mom

Even with our calendars suddenly empty and quarantined to our homes for an extended period of time, I suspect that most of us still did not experience real rest in 2020. As December rolled...

Because My Skin is Different

When I picked my son up from school he seemed a little down. I proceeded to get him and his sister buckled into their car seats to begin our commute home. I asked my...

Five Tips to Survive Traveling for Work

This year, I had my first experience traveling for work. It was the first time that I was away from my husband and kids overnight. I’m a homebody through and through so the thought...

Finding Rhythm While Working from Home

In my very first post for Indianapolis Moms, I wrote about how I was moving on from the term work-life balance and instead focusing on finding my rhythm as I navigate life as a...

Black Moms and Breastfeeding – Is There Room for Me?

Maternal mortality rates are highest among Black women and have recently been highlighted in the news and on social media by celebrities like Amy Schumer after the death of 26-year-old Sha-Asia Washington in New...

It’s Time to Redefine Rest

The Merriam-Webster definition of rest is "to cease from action or motion; refrain from labor or exertion." As a wife, mom, and full-time employee, life is continuously moving at a pace that I often...

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Sierra Sullivan

Hey Indianapolis Moms! I’m Sierra, a working mom trying to find my own rhythm as I navigate through motherhood. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, growing up on the northeast side of the city....

Eight Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds

On Saturday, as I stretched on my living room floor, my one-year-old daughter, in her effort to participate, stepped on my neck. Her tiny toddler foot was only there for a fraction of a...

At Home Date Night Ideas

Quarantine likely has you spending a lot more time at home with your significant other. However, more time spent together doesn’t always equate to genuine connection. Maybe you had a regularly scheduled date night...

21 Questions With My Preschool Child

Life with a preschool-age child is like a constant game of 21 questions. Did you know the average four-year-old asks 400 questions a day? As a mom of an almost four-year-old, this is my...
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