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Alison Brittain


Self Care: Mama, Are You Dressed?

For some reason or another, self-care and getting dressed has always been the first thing to go when I’m under stress. Finals week in college you could find me huddled over my computer, wearing...

Bed-Sharing on Vacation: An Unexpected Gift

I've always been a tightly wound parent. With anxiety as my constant companion, it’s difficult to stop seeing past a single action and worrying about the long-term effects. One of the things I have...

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month: Early Intervention is Key

Children's Eye Health and Safety Month has special meaning to both my first daughter and me. When she was born, she seemed perfect to me. In fact, there was no doubt in my mind,...

A Lesson at the Park: Empowering Our Children With Choices

Recently, my toddler has taken to exerting his blossoming independence by making strange clothing requests. For a week after “crazy sock day” at preschool he insisted on wearing as many socks as possible, once...

Sweet Sleep: Top 5 Swaddles for Your Baby

I was just a few months shy of having my first baby when I stumbled upon swaddle blankets as a “must-have” item for my baby registry. For me, swaddling had been a totally new...

I’m Nobody’s Grandbaby Anymore

Growing up, I was blessed to have eight grandparents involved in my life; four grands and four great grands. I had strong, close relationships with all of them and they all lived close enough...

An Open Letter to My First, On the Eve of My Third

As I sit here typing this, my third baby is squirming around in my belly, 38 weeks huge and threatening to come any day. My other two are sleeping in their beds and I’m...

Confessions of a “Good Grade” Addict

Confession time; I’m a recovering report card junkie. A people pleaser. A certified square. Star charts and student of the week recognition? Yes please! Dean’s Lists and Honor Cords? I’m salivating.  This seemed like a...
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