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Elle is a wife, mother, and business owner. A Hoosier by way of Northern California, she has now called central Indiana home for over two decades. She and her husband, Matt, met at Westfield High School. After graduating from Purdue they settled in Carmel where Elle spends her days with the couple's five year old twin daughters, Lauren and Grace, their three year old son, Patrick, and their six month old twins, Elizabeth and John. After a difficult infertility diagnosis in 2012, and the subsequent efforts to build their family, she considers motherhood to be a tremendous gift, and something she never takes for granted. In between the welcomed chaos of five kids under six, Elle co-owns and operates an equestrian facility in Westfield.

A Rocky Recovery: My Traumatic Birth Recovery

Welcome to the word vomit version of my most recent birth story, well, more birth recovery. Buckle up. We all envision that perfect, blissful, according-to-plan delivery and recovery, am I right? But, more times...

Tiny Baby Anxiety: Stressing Over Slow Weight Gain

How many times have you heard it? “He’s so tiny!” Who knew those words could cause such crippling anxiety. If you’re the mama of a slow-to-gain baby like I am, you know what I’m...

Overcoming Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

At the ripe age of 17, my newly acquired gynecologist ordered an ultrasound for me thanks to several months (years, actually) of an absent/irregular cycle, with no presence of a pregnancy. It was the...

Five Ways a Mom of Multiple Multiples Simplifies Daily Life

In Light of Twins Days which takes place over the first full weekend in August, this year being August 7-9, and as a mom of multiple multiples, I thought I would share some of...

Alone Together: For the Mom Experiencing Postpartum in the Pandemic

  It’s hard to believe that I’m even writing the word, “pandemic.” That’s something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be living through, and certainly not with a newborn (or two, in...

Survivors Guilt: We Made It to the Other Side of Infertility

I’m personally well versed in overcoming infertility and, before I go any further, want to be explicitly clear that I am incredibly grateful for our outcome. The reality is that not everyone reaches the...

What Horses and Young Children Have in Common, and How it Shaped My Parenting

No doubt, horses are majestic creatures. Do you know who else is majestic? My two-year-old. I find him exceptionally majestic when he flys out the back door, pant-less as my pregnant self runs him...

::Heart of IMB – Non-Profit Spotlight:: Noble Evening in the Garden

Over 65 years ago, at a time when individuals with disabilities were widely assumed to be unable to contribute to society, Noble was born. The organization was founded by a group of dedicated, brave...

The Closet Hot Mess Mom

  Sometime after my twin daughters were born in November of 2014, a switch flipped for me. Before their arrival I couldn’t care less about leaving the house without makeup or venturing out in some...
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