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We Don’t Agree: Setting Boundaries with Others

I'm a liberal, white mama. I believe that Black Lives matter and in community over cops. I support abortion. I am a proud member of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. I agree with raising...

If Words Can Kill

I remember it clear as day. I sat in an uncomfortable chair with shaking hands over my crossed legs. My right foot nervously tapped up and down. My heart was pounding as I held...

Conscious Parenting: Breaking Generational Curses

Generational curses? Conscious parenting? Gentle parenting? Had you mentioned any of these terms to me five years ago, I would have tilted my head and looked at you with utter confusion. Five years ago,...

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Letting Go

What I wish most people would insert in their research regarding the stages of grief is the ugliness to the path of letting go. Many months later beyond separation, I feel my grip is...

I’m Not in Love With My Husband

We met by chance. Long-distance challenged us and we fell in love nonetheless. Then, we got married, bought a house, and had kids. That’s how love stories traditionally happen, but somewhere along the road,...

Life at Thirty: No Alcohol and Thriving

With Dry January in mind, I want to share the journey my partner and I went on that ended up with us both quitting alcohol. My partner and I were casual drinkers when we first...

THC Talk: Time to End the Mom-Shaming

Pot, weed, devil’s lettuce, ganja, wacky tobacky, Colorado cocktail…the smoking flower form, gummies, mints, peanut butter, ice cream, soda variations. Like it or not, we are living in the marijuana revolution era. Has it...

Beauty Standards in the Midst of Motherhood: I Can’t Keep Up

There I was, crying in front of my bathroom mirror on a Saturday morning because I accidentally got lash glue (it burns!) in my eye after an unsuccessful attempt at applying at-home lash extensions....

My Husband is Polyamorous. His “Coming Out” Saved Our Marriage.

  My husband and I met as 17-year-old kids working at a local chain restaurant. Our playful flirtation around the soda machine led to the first date that would set the rest of our lives...

How Mama Got Her Groove Back: Recovery From A Sexless Marriage

Before having kids, I was a woman who had always been in touch with her sexuality and had a relatively high sex drive. I had three serious monogamous relationships before meeting my husband, and...

I Hope You Stay A Mama’s Boy

My four-month-old third baby boy started crying at a recent family gathering when an aunt was holding him. Pretty normal baby behavior, right? In my mama head, part of me thinks, Haha! My dude...
Indianapolis Colts Family Fun and Events

Guide to Indianapolis Colts Family Fun and Events

Indianapolis Moms - are you ready for some football? We sure hope so because this is going to be a great season for our city and we want YOU to be a part of it...

Secondary Infertility: Sometimes It’s Best To Do Nothing 

What do you do after you’ve accepted the fact that in vitro fertilization (IVF) is your best chance of getting pregnant? If you’re like my husband and me, you take a break. Sometimes it’s...

Sweets with Santa :: An Indianapolis Moms Family Event

Indianapolis Moms is thrilled to host our second Sweets with Santa event for Indianapolis area families. We are excited to celebrate the holidays with you all! Here are some important event details to note:Tickets will...
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