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I’ve Got To Write A Book

I’m supposed to write a book. A book that tells my story. A story belonging to many women. All of us are hushed by the same scars, the same terrors past or present. I’m...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: I Don’t Want to be a Special Needs Mom

When I decided to have children I knew there was always the possibility of having a child with special needs. I have read the stories, and I've seen the families at the zoo. In...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: I Am In An Emotional Affair

I love my husband, but I’m in an emotional affair. I’m not sure how I let this happen. I’m a happily married woman, or I thought I was. A long-lasting relationship and a few children,...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: Yes, I Had An Abortion

Yes, I had an abortion. You wouldn't guess that I would be someone who would have had one. I don't tell most people. Not that I am ashamed of it; it's not something that...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: I’m Too Tired To Save My Marriage

This wasn't supposed to be my story. A failing marriage was never supposed to be an option and was not supposed to be my story. I woke up one day from a marriage fog...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: My Mom is a Narcissist

It’s incredibly difficult to manage a relationship with a narcissist, especially when that person happens to be your mom. For all the mamas out there struggling to end the cycle and be a mentally...

Anonymous Stories in Motherhood: I’m A Better Mom When I’m Medicated

  I'm a better mom when I'm medicated. That's the ugly truth. I don't like it, but we don't always get what we like. It's taken me a long time to come to peace with...

Moms Know Best…Or Do They?

I will start by saying I absolutely love and adore my own mom. She taught me almost everything I know, and she is an amazing woman who worked her tail off for our family...

I Don’t Support Finding A Cure For Autism

Before having kids, I remember thinking having a child with autism is essentially a death sentence. I had been told they were incapable of relationships and essentially didn’t know the difference between a chair...

See Circle City: Indianapolis Moms Guide to Berry Picking

It is officially May which means the beginning of u-pick season. What a great way to get outside with the family, enjoy the summer weather, teach the kids how food grows and show them...

Vaccination vs. My Marriage

Available vaccination has drastically changed my marriage. I jumped at the opportunity to receive my vaccine and felt empowered like I was doing my part to push society toward some sense of normalcy. My husband...

I’m A Lot of People’s Friend, But No One’s Best Friend

Do you have a best friend? If you had a person pop into your brain when you heard that phrase, consider yourself lucky. How about this: do you have an ongoing group text with...

Our Friend Group is Shrinking, and We Are Not Okay

My husband and I are both extroverts. Of course, we enjoy time at home, but we would prefer to be together than spend time alone, even at home. In high school and college, you...

I Am The Favorite Parent And It Is Very Hard For My Spouse

This scenario plays out often at our house. It’s time for bedtime. I tell our child, "Daddy will give you your bath tonight” She throws a tantrum. She is three years old, and ever...
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