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Unmasking: My Journey To Becoming My Best Self

My dad died the week after Christmas. It was sudden. It was unexpected. It was awful. That night, my siblings, mom, and I cried ourselves to sleep while snuggled up together in my old...
mental illness

The Silent Struggle Of People With Severe Mental Illness

The call comes at 9 am on a Sunday morning. My sister calls, and I answer. “I don’t even know how to begin.” She says, “It’s about Jeff.” He had a mental health crisis,...

I Hated The Weekends: A Few Things I’m Doing To Help Refocus

I have to admit that there was a time when I hated the weekends. Maybe it was a slump in life or a fog that I needed to get out of, but I hated...

I Hate The Word Miscarriage

Miscarried. I miscarried. I was eight weeks pregnant, but then I miscarried. That word stings like no other I've heard before. Miscarried - like I dropped a jar of olives while bringing in the groceries....

I Want to Go “Home” (Back to My Classroom)

I've always wanted to be a teacher. I may not have always realized it, but I instantly felt at home when I finally stepped back into a public high school for a field experience requirement....

The Struggle to Love Myself

I am thankful to have a lot of love in my life. I love my husband and the life we’ve built. I love my children, and though I don’t always admit it, I love the...

I’m Jealous of Men

I'm jealous of men. There, I said it. It's out. In public. For everyone to see. I'm jealous of men. Not for the typical reasons of them being able to stand up to pee or...

Discovering I’m Non-Binary

I can remember the day that it clicked for me that I was non-binary. I was doing a video chat with my mother in order to show her my pixie cut. Admittedly the stylist...

Holding Your Hand in Tragedy

When someone you love is facing a difficult time, it's hard to know how to support them. You fear saying the wrong thing. Last year, many of my loved ones faced loss. My brother...

Our Friends Are Widows

I never expected to watch our friends become widows. Friends, as in plural, more than one. We aren’t even 40 years old yet and have more than one widowed friend. It cuts like a...

How I’m Ignoring Snarky Comments From Family

Snark is real in this day and age. It comes from everywhere, our kids, partners, social media, your friends, and the mailman. You never expect to get it from your parents about decisions you've...

Rallying Against Cancer: When a Community Becomes Family

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the same school community for the last ten years. It’s been a decade full of growth and transition where we’ve held countless learning celebrations, believed...

I Want Another Baby But My Husband Does Not

  When our son was six months old, I agreed with my husband that we would not have more children. We had one wild, strong-willed two-year-old girl and our always-sick-with-some-virus-from-daycare boy who was not yet...

Confessions of Honest Mamas

As mothers and wives, we often think things we would never say out loud. Be it about our children, our partners, our in-laws, etc. In my experience, those thoughts are never intended for another...
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