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Jamie Le Sesne Spears


Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Jamie Le Sesne Spears

Hello, Indy Moms! I am Jamie Le Sesne Spears an Indianapolis Moms Contributor! I grew up in Noblesville and went to college for early childhood education at Miami University (Oxford, OH). After college, I...

Celebrate in Mourning

Celebration is a part of our lives. It is natural for us to celebrate as an expression of joy and love. We celebrate births, anniversaries, and achievements. I am even guilty of celebrating a...

7 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

I love spring! Besides being an Aries and obsessed with my birthday, my favorite part as a kid was our family Easter egg hunt. They were creative and magical! Looking back, I see all...

Carrying a Rainbow

When I started our IVF medications, I held my breath for a rainbow. Through the retrieval and transfer, I am not sure I ever allowed myself a moment to truly breathe in and out....
Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day: Five Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

Growing up, we always had a pet at home, and soon after I settled into adulthood, I got my first kitten, Evey. It was a time of tough transitions and high anxiety in my...

Going Beyond Crafts: Exploring Process Art at Home

My favorite place in my preschool classroom is always the art center. Whether we are painting, drawing, or sculpting, I love to create alongside my students. When we freely create together, we develop a...

Hope in the Midst of Loss and Infertility

As a child, I had a vivid imagination. Fireflies were fairies dancing, elves were always up to mischief, and I was destined to be a princess in some far-away land. I really wished that...
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