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Jan is a SAHM of two beautiful girls. Maddison (6) and Josie (1). She and her husband Kerry live in Carmel. Jan volunteers for Junior League of Indianapolis as chair elect of the grants committee. She is also adoption coordinator for Live 1:17 at TPCC Northwest Campus. A retired dancer and most recently development director, Jan is truly enjoying her new role as a SAHM.

Successfully Celebrating My Child’s Birthday During a Pandemic

This year was going to be my youngest daughter's first big birthday party with lots of friends there to celebrate her. As the date approached I found myself procrastinating like crazy in hopes that...

Not Ready to Hit the Gym: A List of Online Exercise Options for Moms

I don't know about you, but I am not entirely comfortable with going back to the gym or an exercise class yet. As a result, I have compiled a comprehensive list of some of...

“I Don’t Like Dark Skin”

  “I don’t like dark skin.” These are the exact words said about my 3-year-old black daughter by another child. This is a very personal matter for all parties involved. I am not going to...

Lessons Learned From a Hospital Bed

Spending 6 days in the hospital was not planned research for this blog post, but here we are, and I want to share lessons learned in the hope it can help someone else.  The most...

Foster Parenting Year 1: The Ridiculous and Brutal Truth

Foster Parenting Year 1: The Ridiculous and Brutal Truth Did you know more than half of foster parents quit in the first year? When you read everything we've been through below, you will know why. In...

National Adoption Month: My Truth

Adoption is complicated, heartbreaking, life-changing, beautiful, tragic, and amazing. Three years after we adopted our youngest, I still feel all of these emotions every day. Adoption is Complicated The truth: I struggle with the concept of...

I Was Reported to Yelp

A Yelp Awakening I guess I am a little clueless as I did not realize a restaurant owner could report me to Yelp for my review. I found that out today when I got an...

Food as Self-Care

I used to be proud that I didn't take care of myself, that I always put my children and my husband first. I never valued the importance of food as self-care. If I didn't...

The Traveling Husband

Alright, mommas, I am going to get super real here and be blatantly honest about my marriage with a traveling husband. We all acknowledge that marriage is hard. Adding children to a marriage absolutely...

A Birth Story: Falling at 9 Months Pregnant

This is the birth story of my oldest daughter. We are incredibly blessed that she survived unharmed as did I. This story has taken me 8 years to write because it is one that...

Foster Care Month: An Introspective View 4 Months In

My husband and I have been foster parents for 4 months. In those 4 months we have had 6 children in addition to our own to care for, feed, and help feel appreciated. This...

Let’s Talk the Ins and Outs of Playdates for School-Age Kids

Playdates take on a whole new meaning with school-age kiddos. When my oldest was a toddler, and still today with my youngest, playdates mean moms getting to spend time socializing while their kiddos play....

What I Have Discovered in Our First Month as Foster Parents

Let me start by saying I still feel encouraged to continue being a foster parent after the first month. That frankly feels like a huge step with everything we have been through in such...

Dear White Parents: You Need to Talk to Your Kids About Race

At what age do you think a child recognizes the differences in skin colors? At 27 months my youngest was recently playing with Barbie dolls. She was insistent two of the dolls were sisters and...
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