Katy Gentry

Katy is a studio vocalist and licensed special education teacher. Studio credits include Plank Road Publishing, Broadway Jr., Hal Leonard Publishing, and Shawnee Press. She has enjoyed singing the Great American Songbook at Feinstein's Cabaret with ATI Live and The Jazz Kitchen with the JoySwing Jazz Orchestra. Other theatatrical credits include Actors Theatre of Indiana, Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, Fireside Dinner Theatre, and Carnegie Hall. She holds a Masters in Special Education and currently works with the English as a New Language population in a suburb of Indianapolis.

I Will Pass on the Mommy Juice

I’m an alcoholic. It’s really not that hard to say, and it does get easier every time I say it. Sometimes I add “recovering” in front of it to smooth out the harshness of the...

Marion/Hamilton County School Corporation and Community Meal Services

My first thought after reading of the first school closure in Indiana due to the worldwide pandemic was of the thousands of children and young adults that rely on their school corporation for their...

Show Him He Matters

They laid him in my arms at six weeks old. My husband and I had a little less than three hours after saying yes to our foster care manager's request to when we arrived...

Guilt-Free and Grateful: A Real Thanksgiving Story

  I was in a return line at a department store, 7 months pregnant, and feeling deeply alone. My husband and I had spatted back and forth about something that morning and my then almost...
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