Katy Gentry

Katy is a studio vocalist and licensed special education teacher. Studio credits include Plank Road Publishing, Broadway Jr., Hal Leonard Publishing, and Shawnee Press. She has enjoyed singing the Great American Songbook at Feinstein's Cabaret with ATI Live and The Jazz Kitchen with the JoySwing Jazz Orchestra. Other theatatrical credits include Actors Theatre of Indiana, Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, Fireside Dinner Theatre, and Carnegie Hall. She holds a Masters in Special Education and currently works with the English as a New Language population in a suburb of Indianapolis.

Zero-Proof Holiday Cocktail Alternatives: What and Where

There are one million reasons to drink this holiday season, but ringing in the season, thankfully does not require a stop at the liquor store. If you are looking at pausing on the ‘drink’...

An Open Letter in Support of the FASD Respect Act

FASD or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders is a direct result of alcohol exposure to a developing fetus while in utero.  These disorders are the most common form of developmental disability and birth defects in...
hiking with young kids Indianapolis

Hiking with Young Kids – Top Six Indiana Parks

We made it to May, everyone! This year, or as I call it, "OMG. What is happening?!" is almost halfway complete. Did we even have an April? In 2020, our family of five made...

I Could Still Hear Him Scream

We are on floor one of a children's hospital in a wing called the behavioral assessment emergency department. It has now been more than an hour from the time my son turned left and...

You Can Leave the Room

Arriving at Costco when the doors open is a recurring life goal that I have. I find the bustling concrete entryway like my personal Indy 500. One flash of my card and my double-wide...

A Life Full of Transitions

We live a life full of transitions. Some are planned - meticulously planned - while others are abrupt and coarse. Some transitions call for fancy dresses and a band, adding a new title at...

Domestic Violence Is So Much More Than Physical

If you were asked if someone you know has experienced domestic violence, I am sure you could think of at least one person. The state of Indiana ranks as the third highest in the...

Take the Trip

I just returned from our first family vacation to Disneyworld. I am tired, broke, and happy. It was not perfect or easy, but it was worth it. I’m here to tell you to take...

Fight to Protect Abortion Access

I was a freshman in high school taking a speech and debate class. Teams of two would take a topic and debate a team of two arguing the opposite. My friend Robert and I...

Finding My Calm with Mindfulness

I don’t know what it is with her voice -the tone or the melodic phrasing- but listening to Tamara Levitt tell me to find a comfortable position and relax every part of my body...

I Found Jesus in the Rubble

My four-year-old thinks that God lives in her butt. This is a non-theological yet logical conclusion in her developing mind. God made her. God lives in her. So God must live in her butt....

Teachers Are Exhausted

Here is where I would compose the extremely creative introductory paragraph with a good hook. But due to the potential mass teacher exodus and the fate of our public education system, I’m just going...

Seven Bags of Blood Saved My Life

It was my first pregnancy.  I was thirty-six.  The thought of labor and delivery was honestly terrifying to me.   I had no idea that the terrifying day of my daughter’s birth would not be birthing...

Travel Solo: Forty-Eight Hours of Guilt

If I willingly set my alarm for anything before 6:00 am, you can be assured that the reason behind the early rising is a really good one. A whirlwind, solo mom trip, 40th birthday...