Molly Childs


I’m a Maybe

Maybe I'm not reliable anymore. Maybe I'm not on time anymore. I may or may not actually be able to show up when you need me. Maybe I'm taking more from my relationships than I am able...

The Fly Lady- TikTok Made Me Do It

Let me start this by saying; If you have are someone that can thrive in the normal chaos created by motherhood, work, life, and whatever else comes your way- YOU ARE A GREAT MOM...

Why I Make the Gravy

I don't like Halloween. Every year though, I sew until my fingers bleed and I plan coordinating family costumes. I don't like gravy. I don't like it so much that I forgot to register...

When Her Birthday Is the Anniversary of My Trauma

I go all out for birthdays. Well, I have three kids so you can have a "party" at age 1, 5, 10(or 11 if we are on a Harry Potter kick, which I hope...

Sotos Syndrome, She’s Rare

"She is so big!" "Look at how long she is!" "How old is she, again? She looks so much older..." Yes, she's long. Yes, she's tall. Yes, she really is only ten months old.  Last year, on November...

I Got Mom-Shamed for Being Too Clean

As a mother, I have come to accept that even the most innocuous choices can become polarizing. We are all out here, surviving in a jungle that we volunteered to get lost in, and...

Please, Don’t Wish me a “Happy” Memorial Day

The first time it happened it, quite literally, sucked the air out of me. "Happy Memorial Day!" the gas station attendant called as I was walking out the door. It stopped me in my...

Vaccinated, Now What?

On a random Tuesday six weeks ago a friend of mine called and excitedly informed me that a Meijer had gotten a random delivery of 1,000 COVID vaccines that were going to expire. (While...

A ‘Thank You’ Note to my Mother-in-Law

To all the Mother-in-laws of the world: Be like mine.  I recently gave birth to my third and final child. This third kid, zone defense, pandemic life has been HARD. I have raised the white...

A Decade of Trying

We are not trying anymore. For ten years, my body has been trying to create a miracle. When we first started, we were decidedly not trying. We avoided the zeal of a young couple...

PTSD in a Pandemic

Eight months ago, I sat in a room with a psychologist, and even though I knew where the conversation was leading, hearing the words was a little bit like when your kids are all...
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