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Roleen Demmings

Roleen is an elementary school teacher and a fitness instructor. She created Baddie Cardio, an intense workout series, powered by popular hip-hop, latin and reggae music. Roleen resides on the westside of Indianapolis with her husband, Antoine and their two children, Reya and Maxwell. She enjoys hosting epic themed parties, composing educational songs and fanatically shopping for lipstick at MAC. You can follow her at “Fitnessbaddie” on all social media to keep up with her fun adventures.

Stop Killing Us: The Pain and Pride of Being Black in America

Keenan Anderson was an educator and a parent, just like me. When I saw his death on social media, my heart felt like it weighed a thousand pounds as it sank into my stomach....

Smile! It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month!

My one-year-old son, Maxwell, carries his stuffed toy Elmo everywhere with him: in the car, in his high chair, and to bed. Elmo endures a lot, as Maxwell's favorite toy. He is often thrown...

Missing my Dad: Losing a Parent to Type 2 Diabetes

“Through the years, we all will be together, if the fates allow.”  That Christmas song line always makes me tear up because I think of my dad. The fates did not allow him to...

Shhhhh… Mommy has a Migraine

My head was throbbing, and I felt like I could blow chunks at any moment. More than anything, I wanted to crawl into bed with the covers over my head and disappear. But I...

Playing Second Fiddle in Our Family Orchestra: When You’re Not Your Child’s Favorite

My kid doesn’t like me. OK, I’m being dramatic. Of course, he likes me; I grew him in my womb and breastfed him for most of his life. Maxwell is shy around strangers, so...

My Happy Tribe Is My Vibe: Living as a Family of Optimists

I was taking a midnight snooze on the couch, after a riveting hour of crime investigation television. An ear-shattering noise awoke me out of my peaceful sleep. My eyes popped open, wide as saucers....

Walk this Way: How to Celebrate National Walk to Work Day When you Have...

“Mrs. Demmings! Mrs. Demmings! I saw you walking to work today.” I nodded in agreement, knowing full well only he saw me walking from my car to the front door. “Sure, sweetheart,” I hurriedly...

Make Dr. Seuss Proud: Five Ways to Celebrate Read Across America Day

Shout hooray! I'll lead the way. I'm so happy to say... It's Read Across America Day! Every year on March 2nd, I speak entirely in rhyme. This tradition began back in 1999, my junior year...

I am Black History: Celebrating February as a Black Teacher and Mother

As a sophomore in high school, I heard my name being called over the school-wide intercom. “Roleen Bell, please report to the library.” The library? Ok, this can’t be for anything too bad. I...

Bridging the Age Gap: Raising Siblings to Be Close Even When Their Ages Aren’t

Let’s face it; some people are just obnoxious. They come in many forms: strangers on the street, coworkers, family members and sometimes friends. Their cringe-worthy comments have followed me throughout the stages of my...

Closing the Door on Toxic Friendships

With the new year, many people are purging and cleansing the mess in their life. Look as closely at your contact list as you do your closet. Toxic friends can be as out-of-season as...
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