Tips from a Pediatrician: Keeping Your Family Healthy

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tips from a pediatrician

With every day there seems to be more and more uncertainty about what to expect. But if there is one thing we do know – we will do everything we can to protect our family. The CDC and public health officials have mandated that every household MUST practice social distancing. What this means is that you need to avoid all public spaces and unnecessary gatherings. This is the first step that is essential in flattening the curve. But what else can we do to keep our family safe? We reached out to Dr. Halter from Hancock Pediatrics to share with us their tips from a pediatrician for families during this crisis.

Which one is better – soap and water or hand sanitizer?

Soap and water is the preferred method to clean your hands. It is recommended that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water multiple times a day. With kids this can be difficult so make up songs or sing familiar ones to encourage them to scrub those germs away the best you can. Hand sanitizer can also be used, but soap and water is going to combat those germs best.

What can we do at home to help confine illness?

As mentioned above, practicing social distancing is most important – so stay at home! Families should also disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, handrails and even remote controllers regularly. Opening windows to increase ventilation is also suggested, even if it is for short periods of time. And remember – keep your hands away from your face!

When it comes to good hygiene, what should we practice?

Immediately stop shaking hands with people. Simply smile, wave or even give them an air-five from across the way! But avoid contact with hands at all costs. Also as mentioned above, make it a habit to keep hands away from your face. This is probably most crucial as well as the hardest habit to break. But germs enter your body through your eyes, ears, nose and mouth so this is an extra step to help prevent illness. Limiting food sharing is also an extra but more simple step, especially with your kids. Separate plates and cups help keep the spread of germs at bay.

What do we do if we feel sick?

First of all, contact your primary physician immediately and be ready to share your symptoms. Give the person who is sick their own room and keep the door shut. Dedicate one person to care for the ill person if possible. And if this isn’t a given – wash your hands often!

We will continue to navigate this pandemic one step at a time. And it will be stressful and most likely full of many uncertainties. But remember mamas, we’re in this together.

Hancock Health is committed to making health possible for everyone they serve—in 2020 and beyond. They have the facilities, the programs, the resources, and—most important—the people, to help you get healthy, stay healthy, and live a healthier life.

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