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Twelve Best Places to Find Fall Colors Around Indianapolis

Folks from out of state might be surprised to see how beautiful Indiana is during the fall season. What seems like normal foliage during spring and summer comes alive during the fall, and driving down our main Meridian Street in Indianapolis, it makes me so happy to see vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. And it’s […]

What’s Your Emergency Plan, Mom?

A few months back, I served on jury duty. It ended up lasting a whole week, with 10+ hour days. The last night, as everyone was deliberating, we were there until after midnight. It was a lot – especially as a mom with two young kids. While jury duty was quite an experience in and […]

Our New Old House

I’ve never lived in an established neighborhood before. The neighborhoods of my youth all began with dirt clods and lumber frames and families filling cul-de-sacs together. There’s a picture of myself at nearly two years old, standing on our brand-new front porch on the day we finally moved in. The beige vinyl siding had been […]

Transitioning from SAHM to Working Mama: Four Tips

My time as a stay-at-home mom is coming to an end. I’ve spent the last year and a half at home and am excited to return to my career. I didn’t decide to take time away from my career lightly, and returning to work was just as hard. My family and I have built a […]

Jack-o-Lantern Stuffed Peppers Your Kids Will Actually Want to Eat

  If you love the idea of a Halloween-themed dinner like I do, look no further than these adorable jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers. It’s become our family tradition to have this for dinner before trick-or-treating, and I typically make them ahead of time so the rush to get on costumes and out the door isn’t even […]

Four Life Hacks from a Mom of Three Boys

Daily foot pain from stepping on Legos, endless spaghetti-stained dishes in the sink, and laundry for days are just a few things that describe a mom of three. Let’s be real. Once you lose your man-to-man defense, managing more kids in the zone defense has its own obstacles. Don’t get me wrong. Life is full […]

Celebrating National Coffee Day :: Indianapolis Coffee Shop Round Up

Did you know September 29th is National Coffee Day and October 1st is International Coffee Day? Oh, you know we did! Our writers here at Indianapolis Moms have rounded up some of our favorite Indianapolis coffee shops to help you caffeinate locally! Because if you’re a parent, chances are you could use a cup right […]

Indianapolis Moms Guide to October Family Events

Disclosure: We are thrilled to bring this resource in collaboration with one of our favorite community partners, Herron Classical School.FALL is here and OCTOBER has arrived. Here is our round up of October family events and fun activities happening in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. October is jam-packed with events and activities to enjoy as […]

See Circle City: Guide to Corn Mazes + Haunted Fun

Fall is such a fun time of year for families in Indianapolis. Not only are there pumpkin patches and apple orchards to explore, but there are a lot of Halloween-themed attractions around Circle City. There's nothing better than kicking off the fall season by taking a day trip to a local farm to enjoy in [...]

Five Reasons to Attend Circle City Classic

I have been attending Circle City Classic events since I was a child. There was even a time when I was a teenager when my friends and I made it an entire weekend event. There were many weeks of outfit preparation, hair appointments, and punishment avoiding preparing for “Classic Weekend.” In case you are new […]

Mental Health Help Is Suicide Prevention

Over this past year, our family has found ourselves in an unexpected place: dealing with a mental health crisis involving one of our children. It has been a long journey. While I am not sure there’s ever an official finality of a “cure” for mental health struggles, we are seeing the proverbial light at the […]

It’s More Than A Morning Coffee

What is your morning ritual? Some like to work out first thing. Some start with a cleansing shower. Others reach for their favorite coffee K-Cup and load it into the machine for that quick caffeine fix as they rush to get around. I am none of those people. For me, I do reach for the […]

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