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Somewhere in the Middle

In honor of Women’s History Month, I want to shout out the women in my husband’s family. In my six years with Indianapolis Moms, I have spoken very candidly about […]

I’m Jealous of Men

I’m jealous of men. There, I said it. It’s out. In public. For everyone to see. I’m jealous of men. Not for the typical reasons of them being able to […]

Discovering I’m Non-Binary

I can remember the day that it clicked for me that I was non-binary. I was doing a video chat with my mother in order to show her my pixie […]

Women’s Night, and Every Night, We Are Seen

Seen. In a room full of 2,500 women and 200 volunteers. We were seen.  This winter, Traders Point Christian Church (TPCC) held its second Women’s Night conference. The anticipation for […]

“Best Day Ever!” – Take The Kids And Do The Things

It’s a random Tuesday afternoon. I finished with work early, so I grab my kids from school sooner than usual. Once they are strapped into their seats, I look back […]

What Toys Are Best? A Pediatrician Mom Weighs In

As a pediatrician, parents often ask me what toys are ‘best’ for their kids. As a mom, I have looked through many review lists, tried many toys with my kids, […]

Finding Lost Keys for My Husband – Acts of Service

I took my query to Google in equal parts bewilderment and amusement after my husband marched into my home office yet again that day, asking me to locate his Airpods […]

Spending One-On-One Time with My Daughter: What I’ve Learned

I feel very fortunate to have a work schedule allowing me one consistent day off weekly. I use my day off to schedule appointments for myself and my two children, […]

Indianapolis Moving and Home Improvement Guide

Whether you’re trying to find a new house, renovating a lived-in abode, or just sprucing up your home-sweet-home, you’ll more than likely need the help of an expert at some [...]

15 Easter Events Around Indianapolis

Are you looking for something fun to do for the upcoming Easter holiday? Look no further! Check out our list of 15 fun Easter events around Indianapolis. We’ve got it […]

See Circle City: 11 Kid Friendly Breweries Around Indianapolis

Is there anything better than sitting outside with your favorite beverage? For me, not much! I’m a big craft beer fan. And as soon as the weather turns nice, our […]

Letting Go Of Our Third Baby

It was an ordinary Sunday. My two girls (ages 3 and 1) were giggling on the floor beside my nightstand. My husband and I were cuddled up, listening to our […]

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