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Catherine Jackson

Cathy left the world of nonprofits for life as a SAHM right before the pandemic. She loves the Indy food scene, sustainability, learning life and mom hacks. She is married to Joshua and together they have a two-year-old toddler, Blake.

1370 Days: Our Natural Term Breastfeeding Journey

Disclaimer: I wrote this post for anyone curious about natural term weaning or what is often in the Western world called extended breastfeeding. Writing this post was something I’ve been debating for months, as...

No Mommy Allowed: Our Toddler’s Growing Bond With His Daddy

Little Blake smiles and hands me his backpack as he steps off the bus. Then, he marches up the driveway as fast as his toddler legs will carry him, pushes open the front door,...

The Nudge I Needed: Getting Help for Postpartum Anxiety

"I started Zoloft about two months ago," she shared.  "How has it been," I asked.  A loved one and I were talking about mental health and our families. I was still wrestling with racing thoughts, bouts...

I Never Rode the Bus: Why My Toddler Does

There are so many "I never" moments with me and the public education system. I did not attend a K-12 school growing up. Instead, most of my siblings and I attended co-op programs taught...

To The Sisters I Didn’t Know I Needed

It's two a.m., and none of us should be awake. We are four girls, giggling like junior high tweens at a slumber party. We just put on chilled, glittering face masks. Our faces glisten....

Our Introduction to Lyme Season: Five Things to Know

The word summer usually evokes memories of bonfires, days spent splashing through the pool, lake, or ocean in the bright sun, savoring s'mores, playing sports, and feeling carefree. Two words unlikely to be on everyone's...

Tommy Has An Owwie: My Son And His Compassionate Response

My son has always been an emotionally sensitive child. Even before he could express himself verbally, his expressions conveyed a world full of compassion and feelings. When other children cry, he cries aloud too. He...

The Milestones No One Can Prepare You For: Accidents and Anxiety

Every parent documents their baby’s first word, first smile, first steps, the first day of school, and all the firsts after that. Smiling and glowing with pride, we can’t capture enough pictures or videos...

9 Things I Judged Pre-Parenthood

There were many things I used to judge parents for doing. As a young twenty-something, I remember being at a house concert, making small talk with other guests. I remember asking a mother of...

Fighting for Words: My Toddler’s Speech Journey

Little Blake squeals in delight as he jumps and wiggles on his bed. He's sorting balloons leftover from his second birthday by color. Blue, silver, and white, all his favorites. He places them into...
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