Something about the Second Child: A Letter to my Husband


husbandDear Husband,

With our first child, some things were easy. Two to one, the ratio was in our favor. When debating having another child, we could only picture that changing.

Now, four and a half years later, with a newborn and a boisterous toddler, we’ve entered the land of divide and conquer.

One of us sings a lullaby or prayer for the baby to sleep while the other sings the Paw Patrol theme song (we have it memorized) or Tomorrow from Annie with Blake.

When I had yet another victory lap postpartum stay at the hospital, you kept things going at home even through Blake’s sudden bout of hand foot and mouth.

There’s a nonstop pace now, replacing the your turn/my turn easy breaks we used to have when we only had one child.

I used to envy your ability to detach and just go to the gym. But with our second child, I’ve seen you give that up or choose to run in afternoon temperatures so high I’d rather not step outside.

When Blake vomited, and I didn’t know until the morning because every step from the cleanup, to the bath, to the laundry were done, I fell in love all over again.

There’s a deeper love that’s been forced to grow in the space between one and two kids for us. We’ve changed in the six weeks since bringing our little Titus into the world.

In the chaos and the mess, you stand strong. When I can’t see the light for having spent nights awake feeding baby in the moonlight, thank you for taking over.

Something about the second one and all we’ve done reminds me how thankful I am for you, the best father of two.

Love Cathy