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Jen O'Rourke

Jen is a mom, child psychotherapist, and parent educator. She spent 12 years in Los Angeles building her career and family before moving back to her home state of Indiana. Jen currently lives in Zionsville with her husband, 3 year old son, and 7 month old daughter. She spends most of her free time reheating the same cup of coffee and looking for her car keys.

Life Lessons Learned After Going Viral on TikTok

I’ve been in love with TikTok since the beginning of 2020. At first, I started just watching funny videos and dance trends, and then I slowly came to see that there were professionals out...

Embracing the Messy: Why I Won’t Be Trying to Get More Organized in 2022

I have spent countless January 1sts making resolutions to be more organized. I’d go out shopping and spend an obscene amount at the container store, envisioning how life-changing those clear pantry containers would be...

Knowing My Limits: Deciding Not to Have a Third Baby

Upon getting engaged to my now husband, we talked about so many plans for the future. Of course, we talked about how many kids we wanted, and we agreed three or four would be...

Pet Euthanasia Guilt: The Feeling I Didn’t Expect to Feel

Our 12-year-old pet dog Eddie was having more and more accidents by the week. And I’ll be honest, I was not happy to be cleaning up more messes in the house when I already...

This Summer I Was a Fun Mom

We are headed back to school in a few days, and as I sit here thinking about the summer, I’m feeling all the feels. You see, I’ve often been a mom who believes in...

Childhood Anxiety: Parents Aren’t the Cause but They Are the Solution

I’m a psychotherapist and I get multiple calls each week from parents of anxious children. These parents are desperate to help their children “get rid of” their childhood anxiety or learn to cope with...

It’s Margarita Season!

Having spent almost 12 years in southern California, I’ve had my fair share of Mexican food and became quite the margarita connoisseur. Since moving to Indianapolis, I’ve had to adopt the margarita as my...

Consigning Kids Clothes: The Konmari Way

My husband and I recently decided we are done having kids so I realized I had to do something about the 987 bins of maternity, baby, and kid’s clothes. I am just not a...
easy recipes for your drink frother

Five Easy Recipes for Your Drink Frother

This year was full of plenty of socially distant secret Santa exchanges. But during one particularly amazing gift exchange (our Indianapolis Moms Contributors) I was gifted a handheld electric drink whisker! I was pretty...

The Baby Years Are Slowly Slipping Away

This morning I sat in the dark with my 2.5-year-old daughter rocking her slowly in a big comfy chair while feeling her warm cheeks against my chest as we both got a slow start...

Dear Moms: Ask Someone to Take Your Picture

My family and I just returned from the most beautiful vacation in Turks and Caicos-I’ve been flipping through the photos all day. But you know what was almost missing from those photos? Me, also...

Seven Things I Did to Boost My Mood During Quarantine

A few weeks ago I hit a wall and got in a bit of a funk. I noticed I was more irritable than normal, my energy was low, and I wasn’t sleeping well. After...

Top Reasons You Should Consider Teletherapy During Covid

When Covid-19 hit in March many of my therapy clients wanted to pause on coming into sessions for a few weeks. Very quickly after that I shut the doors to my office and went...

When Breastfeeding Hurts: How I Pushed for Answers and Found Help

The first latch hurt so did the next one, and the one after that. I was told it since I was a first-time mom it might be uncomfortable but this was downright painful! Within...
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