Julia Huckaba


My Summer Birthday Gift To Myself: A Midyear Personal Reflection

My summer birthday gift to myself is a midyear personal reflection. I've always loved having a summer birthday. I love summer and the warm nights and outdoor adventures. I'm not huge on my own...

I’m Learning How to Coupon!

Last year I started couponing. I wasn't consistent with it, but when I did it or worked out a good deal on things we needed, it felt good, and I felt like I accomplished...

Simple and Easy Can Create Sweet Memories

Food connects people and generations. Having people around a table of food creates an opportunity to deepen relationships, while creating meals together creates the opportunity to make memories. The older I get, the more...

It’s Okay To Make The Invite!

People want to be invited. They want to know that they are a part of something. And I believe this is true at any age–from young kids who want to be included at the...

There Is Sound Everywhere In Our House And It’s Often Too Much

There is sound everywhere in our house. The sweet sounds of kids playing. The stressful sounds of kids arguing. The sounds of an unofficial colicky baby crying and crying. Then add the beeps of...

Creating My Mom Personal Development Plan

I was a middle school teacher for over a decade before becoming a stay-at-home mom. As a teacher, you attend professional development–to stay up to date on best practices, but as a mom, there...

Houseplant Tips Even Though I Am Not a Houseplant Expert

I am not a houseplant expert. I have had the basic ‘this-will-live-through-anything’ plants die while in my care. But I’ve also had plants thrive, and a few successful plants even propagate! Since college, I’ve...

I Want to Help My Kids Dreams Come True. Even the Small Ones.

"This is better than my dream!” my four-year-old said as she sat down with her legs crossed at her ankles and her own glass of lemonade in her hand. She was beaming with joy! She...