Katie Andrews Potter

Katie Andrews Potter
Katie is a 9th generation Hoosier who grew up in Carmel but is now raising her family on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. She and her husband Ben have two kiddos, Ellie and Micah, whom they homeschool, and a zoo of pets. She writes young adult historical fiction novels, and blogs about family history for kids at www.storybookancestor.org. She has a degree in Elementary Education, and loves to teach kids about history and family history - especially about her beloved Hoosier state. You can usually find her hiking, writing, reading, or geeking out over Star Wars with her family.

May We Raise Children with a Fire for Justice, Peace, and Love

Years ago, when my husband and I were dating and in college, and through our early years of marriage, we read and were heavily influenced by the works of authors such as Shane Claiborne...
anniversary, marriage, relationship

Marriage: Our Life Together, For Better or For Worse

Oh, marriage is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s full of romantic dinners, other times it’s being knee deep in dirty diapers. Marriage is full of ups and downs, and we’ve got to sear that...

Body Image: Embracing Who I Am – Every Bit of Me

Summertime is hard on women and girls. It’s that time of year that every store advertises its clothing lines for us to be “beach ready”. We are bombarded with messages that tell us we...
Disney, Moana

Why I’m Raising My Kids (and Myself) on Disney

Today, on our way to an appointment, my kids and I blasted Disney music and belted out the lyrics at the top of our lungs. I kept looking back at them and singing to...

Miscarriage and the Stage of “Not Knowing”

I could be having a miscarriage right now. The hard part is – I don’t know. I don’t know if everything could possibly be okay, or if my baby has already stopped growing. I...
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Why I Won’t Give Up On My Dream (And You Shouldn’t Either)

I’ve always been a dreamer, and I’ve always had big dreams. My biggest, wildest dream has been to become a writer. And ever since I could form words on the page, I have been...

What Happens When Moms Share About Their Mental Health

I am a mother living with bipolar disorder and anxiety. Part of me can’t believe I just said that out loud, because in today’s society, to bring up mental health is often taboo, or...

Finishing a Conversation With Your Friends When Kids are Around is –

Finishing a conversation with your friends when kids are around is – Hard. It’s hard. I know it’s hard. There’s the toddler across the room that is suddenly climbing onto the counter or getting into dog’s water bowl,...

Hiking in the City: Indianapolis

“It’s all good in the woods.” This is one of my favorite sayings, simple, even silly, but I love it because for me, it’s true. I remember a friend saying it on my first hiking...