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Residing on the southside of Indy, Laura is a nurse, mother and wife. You can find her with her sidekicks: daughter Violet and son Anthony. When she gets a free moment, she enjoys painting, reading and exercising.

Pieces Of Myself: Holding Onto Interests And Hobbies In Motherhood

"Is it harder to hold on than it is to let go?" I asked myself. I set my alarm early to wake up before my kids and go for a run. I woke up early. I...

What A Box Of Rocks Taught Me

It was a warm day in February-a rarity in the Midwest. The kind of day when people put on their t-shirts and head outside after a long winter. I was in the backyard playing...

To My Girl friends, I’ll Always Need You

"So, is it everything you hoped it would be, finding the one?" She asks. Her eyes brimming with anticipation. One of my best friends, she's been there through it all. I paused for a...

Gifts That Can’t be Wrapped

For the first time, we're giving our family and friends experience-based gifts. We won't be buying physical gifts this year. To preface this, we will buy a small gift for our daughter to unwrap...

My Wild Hair And Journey To Embracing My Heritage

The hairstylist runs her fingers through my freshly cut layers. I look in the mirror, excited to see my new haircut. Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpse an impatient-looking client by...

Patterns And Routines That Keep Us Sane

We've all been there. Drowning in chaos, over-committed, and overworked. My family and I found ourselves in a season like that. For weeks we survived off of pizza delivery, pulling clean clothes from the...

Support for the First-Time Mom: Trust Her as She Makes Decisions

I got pregnant with my firstborn in 2018. No sooner had I seen two pink lines than the comments started. A couple of the comments were "Don't get an epidural" and "Don't get induced."...

Mommy is a Nurse

Being a mom and a nurse means coming home when dinner has already been eaten. Faces have been wiped. Games have been played. A full day is already over. It's 8 pm and it's...

To Indianapolis, The City I Love

Born and raised in the Indianapolis area, I found myself moving away after high school. I moved to West Lafayette to attend Purdue for my bachelor's. During college, I started dating my now-husband Derek....

Date Night Spots in and Around Indy

My husband and I recently grew roots here in Indianapolis. We were both born and raised in the area, but my husband's job caused us to move away from Indiana for several years.  Since...

Meal Planning: Grace Being the Key Ingredient

Meal Planning. When people hear this term, it can stir up various emotions. For some people, the term "meal planning" brings up anxious thoughts; for other people, it sparks joy in a Marie Kondo...

10 Things That Are True About Traveling for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. With the holidays approaching, many families will make the decision of whether or not to travel for the holidays. My husband spent six years in the military, so we...

“Just The One?” And Other Awkward Questions People Ask About Families

When I tell people I have a three-year-old, the question that people almost always ask is, "Just the one?" In one way or another, people want to know the answer to this question. What...

I Love You in the Mundane: A Letter to My Husband

Going into marriage, I thought the big moments would be my favorite. I thought of the milestones we would celebrate, the trips we would take, and the dreams we would pursue. This summer, we...
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