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Lindsey Fella Bery

Lindsey is a mother of four children, a Kentucky native and has lived in the Indianapolis area for eighteen years. A graduate of University of Kentucky, Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Strategic Communications and Public Relations, and in English and Creative Writing. Lindsey owned and operated one of Indy's first Pilates studios, and retired after nine years to be a stay at home mother. Lindsey is now the CEO of Helping Ninjas™ - a nonprofit organization founded and created by her nine year old son, Leo, and their family. Their mission is to create awareness of the importance of teaching our youth how to help the planet, each other and oneself. Lindsey is an advocate for health, children, the environment and future philanthropists. She and her husband reside in Carmel.

The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Diet

Eating for energy. Learn to make sustainable food choices that fuel your body and the planet!  Sustainable food items improve the quality of life, age, illness and ensures the safety of our families and our...

Smashing Pumpkins: Compost Your Jack-o’-lanterns

“Say what?” My husband looking aloof at my suggestion, “You are going to let our kids smash the pumpkins?”  “I am. And our neighbors’ pumpkins too!” "Do I get to smash one?”  “Daddy can smash as many...

A Kitchen With A Mission

Some of our family's favorite past times are being outside, enjoying good company and nature, growing gardens, and appreciating vibrantly nutritious and delicious foods - and giving back! Public Greens is a must do...

Choose Earth

Through countless parenting moments and trials to ensure our children are happy, healthy, and safe, we aim to provide with great endurance, what we believe our children and grandchildren deserve. We birth, nurse, and...

What Are You Doing For Earth Day?

On April 22nd more than 1 billion people will participate in Earth Day, the largest civic observance in the world. All over the globe people are encouraged to honor our planet, coming together and helping...

::Heart of IMB – Non-Profit Spotlight:: Every City Needs A Second Helpings


Excuse Me, Is That A Plastic Straw?

In the United States, 500 million plastic straws are used daily – equivalent to wrapping the entire circumference of the earth  2.5 times. Some of us use them regularly without thought. The practice is not uncommon. Large restaurant...

Think Green

Think Green  Did you know? Indianapolis is one of the most wasteful cities in America, with a recycling rate of 7% compared to the 35% United States city average. Here are six easy steps that you...

The Radish Story

“What have we done?” I said in a whisper, tears stinging my red, cold cheeks. I was distraught. “We should have waited.” “Honey, you had no idea it was going to start snowing, the forecast...
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