Meranda Adams

Meranda lives in Fishers with her husband, Ryan, and their two kids under two, Calliope and Quincy, as well as their very needy adopted dog Dickens. A writer and editor by trade, she also owns a handmade craft business, Meranda Makes, which specializes in accessories for babies, dogs and their people. Besides child-wrangling, her hobbies include reading non-fiction books and playing board games you've probably never heard of. She is an Ohioan by birth and Hoosier by choice.
Toddler on beach in sunglasses

Training My Toddlers to Wear Sunscreen

Remember that song, based on a graduation speech, that started with: “If I could give you one tip for the future, it would be wear sunscreen.” I may have taken that a little too much...
valentines ideas

Simple Valentines Ideas for the Non-Crafty Parent

By all accounts, I should be a “Pinterest Mom.” My craft room — actually my office, since I run a business making items for other people — is chock full of almost every tool...
teal pumpkin

Teal Pumpkin Project: Non-Candy Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas for Kids with Allergies

Every year on Halloween, I cheerfully hand out candy to a few hundred variations on baby bees, gory zombies and cute animals walking on two legs and shouting “Trick or Treat!” while stuffing a...

Going to GenCon with Kids? Tips to Make a Game Plan

Mid-August's GenCon is the highlight of the summer for board-game-loving Indy parents like my husband and I. Whether your idea of go-to family fun is playing Catan, you're raising a little RPGer, or you...
baby sibling swinging

Please Stop Commenting On My Baby’s Size

At my son’s first checkup, our pediatrician joked to my daughter, who is just shy of 15 months older, “How do you feel that your baby brother is going to be bigger than you?” My...

The Grandma I Hardly Knew, And Why My Daughter Will Do Better

I’ve always been jealous of women who have strong relationships with their grandma. I know several friends who confide everything in theirs, and who turn to her for counsel on life decisions big and...
Child Amazon Dot

Amazon Alexa: A Modern Mom’s Invisible Sidekick

We need to talk about Alexa. No, she’s not some other “woman” in my relationship. But I find myself invoking her name a dozen times or more each day. So much that I actually worry...
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