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Why Gifts From Santa Should Be Small

“What did Santa bring you?” was the question I heard right after Christmas break ended in my first-grade classroom. I sat in my chair, listening to two little 7-year-old girls discuss what they did...

Four Ways Motherhood Has Become Too Elaborate

There I see it. My three-year-old walking out with a small plastic bag filled with all the treasured junk, candy, and treats in one hand and a shiny juice box in the other. Did...
experience gifts

Experience Gifts: Non-Traditional Ideas for Holiday Shopping

With the holidays approaching, what if I told you that you could have a gift that would last years? Yep, let me say it again - YEARS! Instead of getting a gift that a...

8 STEM Toys to “Add to Cart” Right Now

These are not your average STEM toys. We aren’t talking about Legos or Picasso tiles in this post. We are looking at the latest and best ways to get your child excited to play...

Best TV Shows to Improve a Child’s Academics

Even as an adult, after a long day of work or managing the household, falling into the couch with a binge-worthy TV show is just what the doctor ordered to recharge. Kids are the...

My Imagination Cleans My House

Poof! Your house is clean. Wouldn’t it be so nice if it was really that easy? Cleaning your home is challenging, especially with little peanut butter-fingered people running around, constantly making messes that make...

Feeding Babies: Mothers Helping Mothers

Being a mother is never an easy job and will never be. But this generation of young moms has experienced it all in the last two years: parenting in a pandemic, online schooling, hepatitis...

Good Touch Vs. Bad Touch

After years of working in the education system, one thing I know is that our school does right every year in the spring by having the program: Good Touch vs. Bad Touch. What this...

Eight Common Things Women Go Through During Infertility Treatments

Even to this day, I look at the clock at 7:00 AM and immediately think about women sitting anxiously in a doctor’s office waiting on the next steps of their treatment.  Strong women. Brave women. Dedicated women. Dreaming...

Be Consistent: Consequences Should Match the Actions

Silence in the house as a parent of young children, it’s a blessing, right? No, it is pure terror as you know someone is doing something they shouldn’t be doing in a room on...

Every Birth Story is Powerful

There I was, standing with a small group of women, sharing birth stories with a soon-to-be first-time mom, watching her face go from complete joy to utter panic in a mere 5 minute time...

Digital Citizenship: How Much Does Your Child Know?

I looked the ten-year-old student in the eyes and asked, "Should you give your personal information out on the internet?" He ignored my question. I repeated the question with a bit more passion the...

8 Tasks that Should Qualify Moms for a Gold Medal

Gold medal motivated moms have been headlining the news this year, especially when it came to the breastfeeding battles they endured. Although these mothers deserve all the credit, I thought really the average mom...

The 2020-2021 School Year: A Letter to Parents From Teachers

Seriously, a school year for the history books. From a parent’s perspective of sending their young child into a building with 700+ other people during a national pandemic, most of them being ones that...
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