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Terri Salinas

Terri is a hopeless romantic with strong gif and meme communication skills. Chasing her toddler is her main form of exercise, otherwise shopping is her cardio. If lost, check the dollar section of Target. She is also the voice behind acupofmotherly.com. A wife, friend, daughter, but above all… your average, hot mess mother of 2!

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Terri Salinas

Hey friends! I’m Terri. A wife, mom, nurse, friend, and overall hot mess. I live in Noblesville with my husband, Steven, and daughters, Isla and Isabelle! I have a busy household with two under...

A Journey in Motherhood: Why I Need My Childless Girlfriends

I'm the first one of my close friends to have a child. I blindly went through conceiving, pregnancy, and postpartum without them. My girlfriends were still single, living their best lives while I was...

Our Birth Story: Her Birthday and My Entrance into Motherhood

As a first time mother, I was counting down the days to my daughter's first birthday. It was an emotional time for me. I went down memory lane of everything, reliving the moments leading...

4 Reasons Why You Should Wait to Find Out Your Baby’s Gender

I always knew that I didn't want to know the gender of my future babies. It truly is one of the purest joys in the world. As a former labor and delivery nurse, I...

A Lesson in Pregnancy: How to Support to a Friend Struggling to Conceive

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, a lot of emotions came rushing in: fear, happiness, relief, and sadness. I was fearful of the future, how will I handle two under...
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