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Terri Salinas

Terri is a hopeless romantic with strong gif and meme communication skills. Chasing her toddler is her main form of exercise, otherwise shopping is her cardio. If lost, check the dollar section of Target. She is also the voice behind acupofmotherly.com. A wife, friend, daughter, but above all… your average, hot mess mother of 2!

Dear Boy Mom…What’s it Like?

Dear Boy Mom, What's it like? What's it like having little hands reaching out only for you? I know my daughters love me, but man do they love my husband more. I try and act like...

Dear Miss Erin : A Letter to Our Speech Language Pathologist

Dear Miss Erin I didn’t know it back then, but you were my number one cheerleader. When it felt like everyone was bringing me down, you were there to hold me back up. As I...

How to Save Money at Your Disney World Vacation

Going to Disney World is not everyone's cup of tea and I hear you! Taking a family on a  Disney World vacation is expensive. If you are one of the many that are cringing...

Mini Moments of Motherhood

The mini moments of motherhood are the ones that are small yet mighty. When time stands still and the only thing that matters is you and your child. A short time stamp in life...

The Making of a Mom Village

When I was a new mom, I'd watch other moms gather together with their kids running around, babies in their strollers, and their carefree attitude. They would be laughing, smiling, and effortlessly talking with...

How My Filipino Mother Influenced My Motherhood

Filipino American History Month is celebrated in October, and it honors the first recorded presence of Filipinos in the United States. In my family, my mom and dad immigrated to the United States in...

I See You, Mama

I see you hanging on by one thread. Piecing everything together, perfectly placing objects in their place, and barely getting by.  I see you getting ready for the day. Trying to brush the knots away,...

The Load of Motherhood

I always feel like I have this tremendous amount of weight upon my shoulders and I can’t shake it off. The girls’ schedules, meals, snacks, toys, and bedtimes. Followed by household chores, laundry, bills,...

A Quick Beauty Routine for Busy Moms

I know, mama. It’s hard to get up every morning. You’re mentally and physically exhausted. You have a laundry list of things to do, plan, and make. All of this works for others, but...

Fill Your Cup, Mama!

Do you ever have an intimate conversation with your morning cup of coffee? It may sound like, “Let’s have a good day” or “Here’s to zero potty accidents!” We are relying on our warm...

She Won’t Need Me One Day

My almost 21-month-old climbed up the kitchen island jumping up and down saying, “More? More?” Getting increasingly higher in pitch and volume until I give her my attention. “What do you want more of?”...

An Introvert’s Guide to Being the Hostess with the Mostest

I am an introvert and by definition, I am reserved and quiet. A wallflower, if you will. Flowering in my own thoughts. But, an introvert trying to be the hostess with the mostest? Polar opposites....

I Lost It on My Daughter

I lost it on my daughter. All my anger, I took it out on her. She did nothing wrong, but I simply just lost it. Her eyes swollen with tears, a frown that reached...

How Exclusively Pumping Works for Me

Breastfeeding didn't feel natural to me. Both my daughters latched on, but I personally could not continue. It was me. I couldn't do it. It hurt, and I struggled. Honestly, I felt like a...
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