An Introvert’s Guide to Being the Hostess with the Mostest


I am an introvert and by definition, I am reserved and quiet. A wallflower, if you will. Flowering in my own thoughts. But, an introvert trying to be the hostess with the mostest? Polar opposites. Although, opposites attract! It may seem intimidating at first but with a little help, it may not be that daunting after all!

I quickly learned after becoming a mother of 2 under 2 that I can’t do everything. I learned to accept assistance graciously. Once I have help onboard, hosting isn’t as scary as it seems. I can finally take a deep breath and relax.

For anyone who is struggling to host at parties, here are my 5 key points on being the hostess with the mostest:

#1: Secure help. Whether it be your husband, sister, mother, whoever…anyone who can take the reigns on cooking, providing materials, etc. will be a huge load off your shoulders. Make a list. Jot down who is helping you out and what they are contributing.

#2: Identify your strength. Is it cooking? Decorating? I personally like to bake, so I will always jump to making a dessert or an easy appetizer! Focus on your strength!

#3: Consider the space. Besides making your house nice and tidy, make sure it is cozy. Put the toys away, put blankets in sight for those guests who are ALWAYS cold. Light a candle for ambiance and to mask the cooking smell. Provide bug spray or sunscreen in the summer.

#4: Mingling. This is not my strength. This is my fear, but as a struggling hostess with the mostest this is what you’re supposed to do! I HATE attention on me. Before everyone digs in, I usually say a small speech “Thanks for coming, help yourself to seconds or more. If you need anything, let me know. Cheers!” But hey, sometimes I’ll have my husband say something! He’s the extrovert, anyway!

#5: Thoughtful farewell. I always walk my guests to the door and let them know how much I appreciated that they came over. As an introvert, I don’t like big audiences but I do like small, personal conversations! Maybe this will work for you too!

If you focus on the things you can do while other people pitch in on areas you can’t, hosting won’t seem as bad. You can sit back, relax, and actually enjoy your company!

What are your tips on hosting?