A Woman I Don’t Know Yet


Since my son was a tiny baby, I have spent long nights rocking him to sleep and praying over him and his future. I have even prayed for you, his future wife, a woman I don’t know yet. 

You’re taking my place as the most important woman in my son’s life. Although I am eternally grateful for your presence because you will fill my son’s heart with so much joy and love as you become his lifelong partner, I am also saddened by your presence because you have taken my place as his ‘person.’ 

I pray for you even though I don’t know you yet. 

I pray for your parents.

I pray that they have a deep-rooted faith and love for Jesus Christ that is shown to you through actions and words. I pray that they live out their morals and values to foster those in you. 

I pray for your childhood. 

I pray that you have a joyous childhood filled with memories made with those closest to you. I pray that you have a childhood where you can remain in your innocence.

I pray for your teenage years.

I pray that you are able to experience all of the exciting things that come with middle school, high school, a drivers license, homecomings, sports, and school dances. I pray that you make lifelong memories while also staying true to the morals and values that your parents have instilled in you.

I pray for your adulthood. 

I pray that you have a clear sense of who you are, your dreams, and your goals.

I know that it may seem like I am praying for you to have a perfect life, and maybe I am, but that’s only because I want the best for you. However, I know that a perfect life doesn’t exist; we are all sinners, so there is going to be some type of hardship. I do pray that any hardships you face, big or small, only make you stronger. 

I have prayed for the first time you will meet my son, whenever that may be. 

I have prayed for the first time you will meet me, whenever that may be. 

While praying for my son’s life through adulthood, that naturally includes you, a woman I don’t know yet. While it’s up to you two how long you are together before you are married, I pray for your friendship. Marriage is so beautiful and important, but you must also be friends. I pray for my son and what kind of friend he will be to people, including you. 

I must admit, as much as I pray for my son’s heart and your heart, I have also been praying for my own heart. I will open my arms and heart to you completely, without a doubt. I’ve always wanted a daughter. But, my heart will also ache because I will no longer be his number one. 

My son is my greatest blessing, and fostering our faith, morals, and values in him is the most rewarding experience. I’m thrilled he will bless our lives again by bringing you to join our family. 

I may not be sure when you two will meet. I may not be sure when you two will get married. I may not be sure what dress I’ll choose. I may not be sure what song he and I will dance to for our “mother and son dance.” But I am sure that while my heart may be aching, it will also be overflowing with joy as I watch my prayers come true as my son says “I do” to the woman that I don’t know yet, but who I will love as my own and who I’ll never stop praying for. 

Jodi and her boys, Axel and Jedd in Destin, FL. Photo by: Sand Lily Photography