Tips for Preparing for a Winter Arrival

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Dear Mama, Who Recently Had a Positive Pregnancy Test,

Congratulations! You’ll be having a winter baby! I know that we’re all celebrating spring, which is finally here, so it might feel wild to be thinking about winter, but it’s true. If you got pregnant in February, March, or April, you’ll most likely deliver in November, December, or January. As someone who had her first baby at the start of winter and her second baby towards the end of fall, I really only know what it’s like to spend those first couple of months in the throes of the cold. There are some winter baby essentials that I would highly recommend that you have before you welcome your new one.

Car seat cover.

When our youngest daughter was two months old, we had to take her to St. Louis for a funeral. The temperatures were in the negatives that weekend. This car seat cover kept her warm and out of the wind. 

Sleep and play outfits.

These outfits cover the baby from head to toe, and you only have to think about ONE article of clothing instead of a top, bottom, and socks. They are cute enough to wear “out” and comfortable enough to sleep in, hence the name. My daughters tended to live in these the first few months. TIP: Select ones with double zippers or zip from the top down. Avoid the ones that zip from the bottom to the top because you will have to unswaddle your baby during the night to change their diaper.

Thicker Blankets.

In our household, we are big fans of Aidan + Anais everything, but you’ll want something warmer to wrap your baby in when the temperatures drop. Target Cloud Island blankets have been our go-to with our oldest daughter, who still sleeps with hers at night at the age of six.

Space Heater: When my husband bought one, I wasn’t sure about it. But it’s been great to make our bathroom warmer than the house since we typically keep our heat at 68 degrees. That feels cold when you get out of the bath—especially for a newborn or young baby—so we keep the space heater in the bathroom and turn it on when we give either daughter a bath in the winter.

Those are my go-to items for winter with a new baby. Again, congratulations to those who are expecting a baby this winter! Having a baby anytime is amazing, but winter babies will always hold a special place in my heart. 



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