Tag: miscarriage

I Hate The Word Miscarriage

Miscarried. I miscarried. I was eight weeks pregnant, but then I miscarried. That word stings like no other I've heard before. Miscarried - like I...

Holding Your Hand in Tragedy

When someone you love is facing a difficult time, it's hard to know how to support them. You fear saying the wrong thing. Last...

My Miscarriage Robbed Me of Pregnancy Bliss

When my alarm clock sounded, I was already wide awake after barely sleeping overnight. I could not have been more excited to finally see...

I Cannot Afford to Have Another Miscarriage

June 4, 2022, and September 19, 2022 These were the due dates of my two pregnancies. Two pregnancies that each ended with a miscarriage instead...

The Grief of Goodbye

There's raw grief in knowing it’s over.  A dim room and a flickering screen are familiar; these were the comforts three years ago that showed...
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