Hannah Carrico


Goodbye Daycare, Hello Preschool

It's April 2020, and I am forced to hand over my precious 4-month-old daughter to a stranger outside of a locked building that I'm not allowed to enter due to healthcare protocols put in...

Camping with Toddlers: Five Tips for Family Fun

Taking my children camping is something that I always imagined would be memorable and fun, but my first few experiences camping as a mom, although certainly memorable, were anything but fun. Some of that...

Bestie Staycation in Carmel

It seems like every Indy family leaves the area each spring and summer, filling up as much of the kids' time off from school as possible, and typically us moms lead the charge in...

Spending One-On-One Time with My Daughter: What I’ve Learned

I feel very fortunate to have a work schedule allowing me one consistent day off weekly. I use my day off to schedule appointments for myself and my two children, mow the lawn, catch...

When Life Has Me Feeling Like A Pressure Cooker

My most recent panic attack was caused by nothing. Well, not nothing, but something minor. My almost one-year-old bumped his head on the doorframe, resulting in an instant blue welt complete with a scrape...

My Miscarriage Robbed Me of Pregnancy Bliss

When my alarm clock sounded, I was already wide awake after barely sleeping overnight. I could not have been more excited to finally see our baby after knowing we had been pregnant for five...

Microwave Pasta Mom

5:40 pm: It's time to clock out of work for the day after a 10-hour shift, and my evening shift as "Mama" starts. 5:50 pm: I arrive at daycare to pick up my two little...

That’s Not Her Name

I just heard my two-year-old say her name for the first time. Not because she didn't know her name until now and not because she couldn't verbalize it, but because very few people call...

Dear Second Child

Dear Second Child, I wanted to write this letter that is just for you because you don't always get the attention you deserve. As I sit here holding you in my arms, I try to...

Your Baby Needs a Helmet: Plagiocephaly and Torticollis Awareness

  "Your baby needs a helmet." It certainly isn't the worst phrase that I imagined someone telling me regarding my baby's health and wellness, but it isn't something I expected to hear either. I didn't...

Tips for Taking Your Child to Their First Dental Visit

It's National Children's Dental Health Month! If you want your child(ren) to join the cavity-free club and enjoy their dental experience(s) in the future, it is imperative to schedule their first visit early on...

The Mom Behind the Newborn

Behind every adorable, squishy, prized newborn is a woman learning how to tackle her new role of Mom. Don't forget about her. I have a vivid memory of being one week postpartum, standing in the...
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