A Letter to My Two Oldest on the Eve of My Third


Dear Firstborn,

Can you believe you’re about to be a big brother times TWO?! Time has flown by at warp speed since I was awaiting your arrival. I read and researched as much as any new mom possibly could before you joined your dad and me, and still, it didn’t prepare me to be your mom… in a good way! You were perfect from the moment I laid my eyes on you, making the sweetest cooing noises and staring straight into my soul. Seeing you grow from a long, lanky, lovable infant into a long, lanky, large-hearted boy has been such a joy. Don’t get me wrong… we’ve both made some mistakes. They say your firstborn is kind of the guinea pig child, so sorry about that. I definitely shouldn’t have introduced Oreos at such a young age to your now-addicted palet. And remember when you had that major code brown accident smack dab in the middle of the living room rug that took hours and much manpower to remedy? See? Mistakes on both sides. Then we welcomed baby brother, and I felt heartbroken at the fact that you wouldn’t be my one and only. But now I get to see you be such a great leader (and instigator) for him! He can learn so much from you! You are curious, expressive, headstrong, hilarious, clever, tender-hearted, and downright adorable. I am proud of you every day and each moment with you has made me strive to be a better human. Let’s do this (again), biggest brother!

And My Dear Secondborn,

You are going to be a big brother! While you haven’t been the baby of the family for too long, it’s hard to imagine you not being the littlest nugget anymore. You came along and fit perfectly into our family. You were attached to momma from the get-go, and I’ve loved every second of it. Going from one to two kids was probably the most challenging, life-altering, and rewarding thing to ever happen to me. I know I’ve made mistakes along the way with you too. And you certainly make me question my sanity some days (How many tears were cried in those early months, and how many plates of food did you dump on the floor today?)… but the time I’ve had with you has been nothing short of wonderful.  I love that you get to grow up with an older and a younger brother. I know I’m going to love watching you take on the role of “leader” and button-pusher for our new little guy. You are fearless, laid back, affectionate, jolly, bright, handsome, independent, and the greatest snuggle bug. I hope you know that you’ll always be my baby!

While our time as a family of four has come to an end, our adventures are just beginning. I’m sure we’ll all have moments where we long for the days of yesteryear (maybe more so your dad and me since our days of man-to-man coverage are over). We can mess up together, forgive together, improve together. It won’t be perfect, as I’m certainly not. But think of the crazy fun as a family of five we’ll have! Three brothers – yay! You both have so much love to share. You both make me so happy and grateful because being your mom is the best “job” in the world. Thank you for being you and teaching me every day how to love bigger and better. You’re going to knock the socks off of this baby brother.

I love you beyond measure forever and ever,