“Enough” My Mid-Life Mantra


I turn 40 this month and, as I approach this mid-life milestone,  I am reflecting on where I have been and where I would like to go.  I am working to begin each day with gratitude and intention. So for this year, and likely this decade, my mantra is “Enough.”  

I am Enough

At work–I’ve reached the ripe age at which I can confidently say I have over 20 years of experience at a handful of things. When imposter syndrome creeps in, I remind myself “I am enough.” 

At home–Nothing has tested our family like quarantine and we’ve had our share of challenges. I lose my temper. I serve cereal for dinner. I am far from a perfect parent or partner, and yet “I am enough.” 

In life–I am a recovering perfectionist. I am working on asking for help and forgiveness. I continue to learn and grow, therefore “I am enough.”

There is Enough

Time–I chronically worry about time. I am that person–the one that’s early to every meeting. It may be fleeting but, in most cases, most things can wait until tomorrow. The world does not end if I am late, if I push a task to the next day. I have to choose how I spend it wisely, but “There is enough.” 

Money–I struggle with a scarcity mindset. My husband and I both grew up with extremely limited resources. This habit can be hard to break and when I focus on all that we have, instead of lack, I see just how abundant life is. We have much to share. “There is enough.”  

Power–It’s not pie. Just because you get more, doesn’t mean I get less. I am fully embracing collaboration over competition because “There is enough.” 

That’s Enough

Setting effective boundaries with All. The. Things. is critical to preserving my life force at this point.

People–Goodbye to toxic friendships. It’s time to heal the mother wound.  No more taking up space without paying rent.  “That’s enough.”

Consumption–One glass of wine while cooking, one with dinner, and another to unwind after the bedtime struggle. The same with food. Overindulging is not a shortcut to self-care. In fact, it robs me of much more joy than it brings. “That’s enough.”

Work— Gone are the days, and NEVER will they return, that I leave my kids at daycare 60 hours a week. I am a hard worker and I need flexibility. These facts are not mutually exclusive. “That’s enough.”

No matter your age or stage of life, I invite you to share and celebrate all the ways you are and have enough. 

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Kristi Howard-Shultz
Kristi grew up in Danville, Indiana where she met her childhood sweetheart and now husband Elliott. After years of living apart including graduate school in New York City and military tours abroad, they resettled and started a family in Indianapolis. Together, they are raising two bright and busy boys—Henry and George. She has a Master's Degree in Social work from New York University and is a RYT 200 Yoga Teacher. In her “spare” time, she enjoys reading memoirs, chasing her boys, and listening to her husband, the funniest person she knows.