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Anne Beal

Anne is a an ambitious free spirit with a passion to interact with moms from all walks of the journey. She loves her job as a doula through a local hospital network as well as private clients, assisting moms through labor and birth. In addition, she teaches adults part-time as they work toward their career goals and earn their high school diplomas "later in life." Nothing keeps her busier, however, than her toddler son and dogs named Whitney Houston and Patches. Her goal is to stimulate conversations through blog posts that are sometimes provocative, quirky, and occasionally controversial, but always unique!

Goodbye to Spirit Weeks

Goodbye to SPIRIT WEEK! I said what I said.  Don’t get me wrong, I personally love a spirit day when I am the participant. When I taught K12, I lived for a solid Pajama Day or...

Stopping to Appreciate: Our People and Hobbies

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” With the holidays upon us, it seems only fitting to use a Louisa May-Alcott line from Little Women, to kick...

Stopping to Appreciate: Reinvented Holidays in 2020

Have you reinvented much of your 2020?  If you are like most parents, the answer is YES, and you probably haven’t taken the time to properly acknowledge how spry you were through the challenges of...

Stopping to Appreciate: Mondays We CAN Handle

It’s Sunday at 9 pm, do you know where your sanity is?  Moms - and all caregivers - can empathize with all versions of the Sunday scaries better than any demographic out there. Between meal...

Livin’ La Vida Limbo: Awaiting Covid Test Results

Dear Fellow Americans in the Twilight Zone of 2020, It’s summer..and by the time this post is live on the blog, many moms will be finding new routines amid the start-up of school, the continued...

The Movement to End Know-It-All Culture

The Roaring Twenties baby!!!! Wasn’t that what we jokingly said back on January 1st? Have mercy on us all this year - between Covid-19, kids not being in schools, murder hornets for that one...

Dad’s Day: Indy’s Best Local Gift Ideas

This year has brought challenges and gratitude to-light in ways we haven't previously known. From shopping for groceries on Amazon to finding inventive backyard ideas to keep the kids from driving us all crazy, our...

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Anne Beal

  Hi Indy! I'm Anne Beal, and I'm so ecstatic to be a part of the Indianapolis Moms team since early 2019. Community is everything, and moms kinda do it all, y'all! My husband and...

To the Tired Teachers in the Year of the Crisis

To the tired teachers, thank you. Thank you one million times over. Teachers were leaving. Teachers were readying to exit with furor in larger numbers than ever before. Not because they determined overnight to leave,...

I Was a Hothead

Gifts. Life gives them to us. Sometimes we rip the paper and packaging in excited fury. Sometimes we slowly untangle the tissue paper and reach into the bag with hesitation and surprise. In some...

Talking to Teens via Netflix’s Cheer

  Teens. Tough to crack. Tough to talk to, and they certainly aren’t wanting to spill their personal lives to parents, teachers, or mentors. If they are fortunate to have real, well-meaning, caring friends, they...

A Decade: Hey Queen, You Did SO Much!

Decade: n. dek-eyd: a period of ten years        “It’s not where you start - it’s how you finish.”  Dear Self, You did it. You came to see another decade pass in the world....

Sparking Joy Sans Black Friday

Here we are, the tail-end of the year. Remember back in January when you “sparked joy” with all the Marie Kondo-ing you did in your house? And your in-laws did too? And so did...

The Toddler Mullet: Here We Are

The ol’ Kentucky Waterfall, the Mississippi Mudflap, the North Carolina Neckwarmer, Beaver Paddle, Camero Cut, or my fave, the Tennessee Tophat. Call it what you like, but all of these are names for the...
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