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Anne Beal

Anne is a an ambitious free spirit with a passion to interact with moms from all walks of the journey. She loves her job as a doula through a local hospital network as well as private clients, assisting moms through labor and birth. In addition, she teaches adults part-time as they work toward their career goals and earn their high school diplomas "later in life." Nothing keeps her busier, however, than her toddler son and dogs named Whitney Houston and Patches. Her goal is to stimulate conversations through blog posts that are sometimes provocative, quirky, and occasionally controversial, but always unique!

Permission to Abandon Holiday Burnout

“I regretfully cannot make it.” Say it with me, “No.” “Let’s catch up after the New Year!” Or maybe just the classic, “Hell no! We won’t go!” If you’re feeling spicy. This is your permission to ABANDON HOLIDAY...

The Great Sleepover Debate

Rabbit holes. We've all been down them in the parenting world. Especially the social media kind with their twists and turns, comment feeds, and wild heretics of this idea of that. The two am...

Sunday September Sanity-Savers

There’s that small chill starting to make its way into our hearts each September, begging for the enchantment of sweaters and beanie hats, calling us to find the peace in the cold to come....

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Facebook…My Friends.

"No, I didn't see that…" "Oh yeah? Jamie? From third grade? Engaged? No, I didn't see that…" "I must've missed that post about the insurrection trials…" "No, I didn't see Maria's vacation pics." "Not sure I saw that...

Living Whimsy: Getting Started with Crystals

So you have been doing “all the things” to be centered, Zen, calmer, less anxious, manifesting your future goals, sound bathing, and the list goes on, but you are ready to take your interests...

Small Talk is Dead

It’s 2022. Small talk is dead. Perhaps you disagree. But before you immediately turn your nose up at my sentiment, think of your version of “small talk.” It’s probably not the tell-tale version of it....

Beyond the Kanye Fodder: The Day of Reckoning on Narcissists

"No one can throw a bigger tantrum than a narcissist who is losing control of someone else's mind." -Unknown Author Sigh...I cannot believe I'm penning a post about any form of "Kardashian kulture." Still, here...

Grocery Hoarding Feeds My Control-Needs

“Hmmm, better run to Costco tomorrow. We’re down to our last three frozen pizzas.” Why am I overstocking groceries? One word: CONTROL. Hoarding provides me with a sense of control.  Dear Abby, About two months into the...

Some of Y’all Don’t Self-Reflect and It Shows

Some of y’all aren’t self-reflecting. And it shows. Quick...list three ways you practice self-reflection. Can you list three ways you engage in this imperative act of self-love and personal growth? Do you have to think...

An Open Letter to My Third Chin

Chin: noun the protruding part of the face below the mouth, formed by the apex of the lower jaw. Dear Chin, We’ve had some pretty good times, ol’ gal. However, I never wanted you to be...
Pride Activities for the Family

Pride Activities for the Family Around Indy

“I’m not missing a minute of this. It’s the revolution!” -Sylvia Rivera WARNING: Events that incite joy are known to draw repeat attendance! (That's a fact!) Grab your rainbow garb! It’s the kick-off to Pride Month...

My Life as a Birth Worker

“However much we know about birth in general, we know nothing about a particular birth. We must let it unfold with its own uniqueness.” -Elizabeth Noble Two Mays ago, in the spring of 2019, I...

Mental Health Milestones: Let’s Party

Birthdays, holidays, milestones in achievement, all celebrations we inherently participate in for ourselves and others. What if we - and by we, I mean those like myself who find their mental wellness to be...

Goodbye to Spirit Weeks

Goodbye to SPIRIT WEEK! I said what I said.  Don’t get me wrong, I personally love a spirit day when I am the participant. When I taught K12, I lived for a solid Pajama Day or...
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