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Emily Roark

Emily is a wife and stay-at-home mama of a five-year-old daughter, three-year-old son, and a baby girl who arrived in 2020. When she's not filling milk cups, singing nursery rhymes or sweeping crumbs off of the floor, Emily works from home as an editor. When she can find alone time, she enjoys working out, baking and writing.

10 Cheap and Easy Dinner Ideas

As moms, there's not much we appreciate more than a cheap and easy dinner. If your kids are anything like mine, they act like they are famished the second they get home from school,...

5 Ways I Combat the Winter Blues

Every October, I begin to dread the changing seasons. The shorter days, the darker nights, and "falling back" are not exactly my favorite things about the fall and winter seasons. It only seems to...

Why Words Matter: My Negative Experience with a PE Teacher

  I moved to Indiana when I was in sixth grade. I moved to a school where 6th grade was the highest grade, and the kids were cliquey and already knew each other. I didn't...

Mourning When You’re a Mother: Life Must Go On

Bad things don't stop happening when we become moms. There are sicknesses, deaths in the family, accidents, and national tragedies. These things will always happen, and we will always find ways to deal. You...

7 Things We Don’t Tell Moms About Having a Larger Family

When I left the hospital with my second and third babies, no one handed me a guidebook for getting through life with multiple children (of course, the same can be said for having my...

It’s Not My Season

Before I had kids, I imagined myself as a mom who wakes up before her kids. I would wake up at 5:30 am, work out, get ready and eat breakfast, before any of my...

The Ups and Downs of Room Sharing

My husband and I have three kids in a three-bedroom house. If you do the math, you know that two of the kids must be sharing a room. Before having our third baby, this...

If Not For the Pandemic, Would We’ve Continued Growing Our Family?

"Four kids." Ten years ago, when my husband and I sat side by side in premarital counseling and the counselor asked each of us how many kids we desired to have, I said four. When...

5 Television Shows for Little Kids that You’ll Also Enjoy Watching

In an age of limited screen time, I'll be the first to admit that my family and I love watching TV. My kids don't have tablets, so TV is their only screen time, and...

We Were Not Meant to Consume So Much News

Everywhere we turn, there is news. It’s on our phones, it’s on TV, it’s on our Google Homes and Alexas, it’s on the radio and in podcasts. Unless you live a completely technology-free lifestyle,...

I Wasn’t Ready, But I Had to Let Her Go

In the days leading up to the first day of kindergarten, I agonized over everything. “Will she get motion sick on the bus?” “Will she be able to find her classroom?” “Will she be...

Getting Back to “Normal”: I Don’t Know How to Do This

Just one year ago, we wondered when we would "get back to normal." We cried -- missing milestones, canceling events; we mourned -- the lives lost, the routines we were leaving behind, and we...

Why Traveling With Little Kids Is Worth It

I think most parents would agree that traveling with children is exhausting and patience-testing, and more of a trip than a vacation. On a recent family road trip, I told my husband that I must have travel amnesia. I get the urge to take a trip with my family a few times a year, and I forget how difficult it is until we're back in the car, doing it again. So... why do we keep doing it?

My Pandemic Baby, You’ve Lived Your Life in a Bubble

You've lived your life in a bubble. All twelve months, plus the two months that you were still in utero.  You've yet to know the joy of bouncing up and down in a restaurant high...
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