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30 Days: My Personal Attempt At Changing A Bad Habit

I will admit: I don't have a long list of horrible habits. I don't bite my nails, I don't swear all that much, I eat my fair share of junk food with a random...

Financial Advice For My Children

Growing up, I was never very good with money. My family was comfortable in our socioeconomic bracket and my sister and I rarely had to go without something we wanted. But we were, by...

Being a Coach’s Wife: I Am a Football Widow

  When I started dating my husband several years ago, I knew that football played a huge role in his life, both as a coach and as a former player. I guess you can say...

Why My Kids Won’t Be Having “Pinterest Perfect” Birthdays

I have always loved my birthday. Ever since I was a kid, I always knew that when August 18th rolled around each year, it was MY day. My birthday was the one day I...

Being Patient With Myself: Surviving the Postpartum Months

As I sit here and type this, I am exactly one week postpartum with my daughter. During this pregnancy, I only gained about 25 pounds, which I was fairly proud of and not overly...

An Open Letter to All the Single Parents: I Don’t Know How You Do...

Dear Single Parents of the World: (In addition to single parents, I am also talking to those who have spouses who travel extensively or work extra long hours, leaving most of the parenting to the...
Having 2 Kids Under 2 by Indianapolis Moms Blog

Preparing for Baby #2…And Having 2 Kids Under 1!

Many of times, I have heard the phrase "2 kids under 2", which is usually followed by the trials and tribulations of having two small humans that are completely dependent on an adult.   I...

Less Judgment, More Support: Thoughts on Parenting in Today’s World

Let’s get real for a second: life is hard.  No matter who you are, it’s just really hard sometimes.  Then, add parenthood on top of that, and there are times when things can just...

Balancing Life: The Teacher-Mom Juggling Act

For as long as I can remember, I always loved working with children.  I didn't always know that I wanted to be a teacher, but when I was in college trying to decide on...

New Mom Guilt: I Have a Great Baby Who Sleeps Through the Night!

Being a first time mom, I learn something new every single day.  Sometimes I use Google to answer my most pressing parenting questions.  Other times, I look to social media for help.  And once...
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